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WhiteBIT Launches WB Network, Paving the Way for a New Era of Blockchain Advancements

WhiteBIT Launches WB Network by web3oclock

In a momentous development, the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange has recently introduced its proprietary blockchain called WB Network. This announcement marks a significant stride for WhiteBIT and the broader cryptocurrency community, aiming to expedite the adoption of blockchain technology. WB Network’s launch is set to bring about faster transactions, reduced fees, and innovative features within a transparent and user-centric ecosystem.

WhiteBIT’s Journey: A Brief Overview

Founded just four years ago, WhiteBIT has rapidly grown into a prominent player within the cryptocurrency industry. The unveiling of WB Network stands as a crucial milestone in the exchange’s journey. The team has remained dedicated to their roadmap, leading them to launch their native token, WhiteBIT Coin (WBT), conduct a successful Testnet phase, and carry out a retrodrop, culminating in the establishment of the WB Network blockchain.

Community-Centric Development: Testnet and Retrodrop

WhiteBIT’s commitment to community involvement is evident through the inclusion of a Testnet and retrodrop. These elements underscore the importance of the community’s role in shaping the evolution of WB Network. The project’s primary objective is the seamless integration of blockchain technology into real-world applications. To facilitate this, WhiteBIT’s team has introduced various incentive programs such as commission and reward distributions, grants for ambitious projects, and other initiatives to enhance community engagement and participation.

The Power of Proof-of-Authority (PoA) Consensus

WB Network operates on the Proof-of-Authority (PoA) consensus algorithm, a robust framework that relies on trusted nodes to validate block creation. This approach ensures the network’s stability and security. Built on Geth (Go-Ethereum), the underlying blockchain coin for WB Network is WhiteBIT Coin (WBT), previously known as WhiteBIT Token (WBT). The transition to a proprietary blockchain has elevated WBT into a full-fledged coin, opening up new possibilities for its development. WB Network underwent a rigorous cybersecurity audit by Hacken, receiving the highest rating.

The Journey to Launch: Community-Focused Events

Leading up to the release of WB Network’s Mainnet, WhiteBIT organized a retrodrop event to reward users for their active participation in network testing and related tasks. The retrodrop entailed completing tasks on the Testnet and Zealy platform, along with engagement on the exchange. Reward distribution was based on diverse criteria such as product usage, account longevity, NFT ownership, and holding the native WBT token. Participants are now eligible to claim their well-deserved rewards.

Innovative Features: Introducing WB Soul Ecosystem

WB Network’s launch comes with a suite of interconnected features, including the innovative WB Soul Ecosystem. This development enables secure user identity establishment within the blockchain realm without compromising personal data. The ecosystem employs Soul attributes and Soulbound tokens to form a user’s identity on the network. Attributes encompass changeable characteristics like WBT holdings and KYC verification status, while Soulbound tokens represent immutable qualities linked to each WB Soul.

Unlocking New Possibilities: The Souldrop Program

A significant initiative alongside WB Network’s launch is the Souldrop program, designed for commission and fund redistribution on the network. A smart contract has been devised to reward users holding WBT in their accounts. To support these programs and others, a portion of WBT funds was transferred from the Tron network to WB Network through token burning and minting processes. In-depth explanations of these processes are detailed in WB Network’s Whitepaper.

Empowering WhiteBIT Coin Holders: The WhiteBIT Launchpad

The benefits of holding WhiteBIT Coin extend further through the introduction of the WhiteBIT Launchpad. Users with substantial WBT holdings gain early insights into upcoming crypto projects, can influence their listing on the exchange, and participate in token sales rounds.

Founder’s Vision: Volodymyr Nosov’s Perspective

Volodymyr Nosov, founder and CEO of WhiteBIT, expressed his satisfaction with the journey leading up to WB Network’s launch. He emphasized the team’s commitment to creating a robust infrastructure for blockchain developers and enthusiasts, underscoring the intention to share best practices and nurture new blockchain ideas.


The launch of WB Network represents a landmark event for both WhiteBIT and the broader crypto community. With a user base exceeding four million individuals and a commitment to technological innovation, WhiteBIT’s influence continues to grow. The introduction of WB Network ushers in a new era of possibilities, setting the stage for further advancements in blockchain technology. As the exchange and its ecosystem evolve, the impacts on the global blockchain landscape are bound to be substantial.


What is WB Network, and how does it differ from other blockchains?

WB Network is the proprietary blockchain launched by WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange. Unlike other blockchains, WB Network aims to provide faster transaction processing, reduced user fees, and innovative solutions within a transparent user-owned infrastructure. It operates on the Proof-of-Authority (PoA) consensus algorithm, which uses trusted nodes to validate block creation, ensuring a stable and secure network.

How can users participate in the WB Network community and its initiatives?

Users can actively engage in the WB Network community by participating in initiatives like retrodrops, Testnet tasks, and other community-driven events. These activities offer rewards based on factors such as product usage, account longevity, NFT ownership, and holding the native WhiteBIT Coin (WBT). The WB Soul Ecosystem introduces attributes and Soulbound tokens, enabling secure user identity establishment within the blockchain environment.

What benefits do WhiteBIT Coin holders gain from the WB Network launch?

WhiteBIT Coin (WBT) holders benefit from the WB Network launch in multiple ways. Firstly, they can participate in the Souldrop program, receiving rewards through a smart contract designed for commission and fund redistribution on the network. Secondly, WBT holders can access the WhiteBIT Launchpad, gaining early insights into upcoming crypto projects, influencing their listing on the exchange, and participating in token sales rounds. WB Network’s launch enhances the utility and potential of holding WBT within the WhiteBIT ecosystem.

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