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Singapore Introduces Measures to Enhance Investor Protection in the Crypto Industry

Singapore Introduces Measures for Investor Protection in the Crypto Industry

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) recently announced new regulations aimed at safeguarding investor assets and ensuring market integrity in the cryptocurrency industry. These measures require crypto service providers to hold customer assets in a statutory trust by the end of the year. This move by Singapore’s central bank seeks to mitigate the risk of asset loss or misuse, while also facilitating asset recovery in case of insolvency. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of these regulations and their significance for the crypto industry.

Enhancing Investor Protection

The MAS’s decision to introduce custody requirements for crypto service providers is a significant step toward enhancing investor protection. By mandating the use of statutory trusts, the risk of potential losses or misappropriation of customer assets is reduced. These measures provide reassurance to investors, fostering trust and confidence in the cryptocurrency market.

Responding to Public Consultation

The MAS’s decision to implement these regulations follows a public consultation held in October 2022, which garnered significant interest from various stakeholders. The majority of respondents supported the idea of allowing digital payment token service providers (DPTSPs) to deposit user assets in the same trust account. However, some respondents suggested segregating each customer’s assets into separate blockchain addresses to enhance transparency. The MAS acknowledged these suggestions and emphasized the importance of maintaining a balanced and appropriate approach to investor protection.

Additional Requirements

In addition to custody measures, the MAS has imposed other requirements on crypto companies. DPTSPs are now required to conduct daily reconciliation of customer assets and maintain proper books and records. They must also ensure that the custody function remains operationally independent from other business units. These additional measures aim to further safeguard investor interests and promote responsible practices within the crypto industry.

Restrictions on Lending and Staking

The MAS is also working on proposals to restrict crypto service providers from facilitating lending or staking for retail customers while allowing these activities for institutional and accredited investors. This differentiation recognizes the varying risk profiles and levels of sophistication between retail and institutional investors. By limiting high-risk activities for retail customers, the MAS aims to protect them from potential financial harm.

Balancing Risk and Innovation

The MAS acknowledges the diverse opinions regarding lending and staking activities in the crypto industry. Some respondents suggest permitting these activities with customer consent and risk disclosures, while others advocate for a complete ban. The regulatory body is committed to monitoring market developments and consumer risk awareness to maintain a balanced and appropriate regulatory framework. This approach allows for innovation while ensuring the protection of investors.

Addressing Industry Challenges

These new regulations in Singapore reflect the lessons learned from past industry incidents that resulted in substantial financial losses for investors. Implosions like FTX and the crypto lending crisis in 2022 have highlighted the need for enhanced investor protection measures. By implementing these regulations, the MAS aims to prevent such incidents in the future, safeguarding the interests of both investors and the broader crypto ecosystem.


Singapore’s decision to require crypto service providers to hold customer assets in statutory trusts demonstrates its commitment to improving investor protection and market integrity. These measures provide reassurance to investors and contribute to the long-term sustainability of the cryptocurrency industry. By striking a balance between innovation and risk mitigation, Singapore is positioning itself as a favorable destination for crypto businesses while ensuring the well-being of investors.

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