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CMCC Global Launches $100 Million Titan Fund to Boost Asian Blockchain Start-ups

CMCC Global Launches $100 Million Titan Fund by web3oclock

Amid a crypto industry slowdown, Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency venture capital firm CMCC Global has defied the odds by successfully raising $100 million for its new Titan Fund. This fourth fund, backed by over 30 investors, including notable names like Winklevoss Capital and Animoca Brands founder Yat Siu, aims to support early-stage blockchain start-ups in Asia, with a special focus on Hong Kong. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting development and its potential impact on the cryptocurrency landscape.

What is the Titan Fund, and Why is it Significant? 

The Titan Fund is CMCC Global’s latest venture, raising an impressive $100 million. It stands out for its mission to back Asian blockchain start-ups, even during a period of crypto funding challenges.

Who are the Key Investors in the Titan Fund? 

The fund has garnered support from prominent investors, including blockchain company, Pacific Century Group led by Hong Kong tycoon Richard Li, Winklevoss Capital, Jebsen Capital, and Animoca Brands’ Yat Siu. Their involvement underscores the growing interest in Asia’s blockchain potential.

Titan Fund’s Focus on Early-Stage Blockchain Start-ups

CMCC Global’s Titan Fund aims to provide equity investments to early-stage blockchain start-ups, with a strong emphasis on Hong Kong. Already, it has made investments in two Hong Kong companies out of a total of five.

While Titan Fund prioritizes Hong Kong, it doesn’t have strict capital allocation mandates. It aims to invest in the best global entrepreneurs. However, CMCC Global sees Hong Kong as a promising hub for fintech innovation, particularly in the emerging Web3 space.

Hong Kong, once a hub for crypto firms, experienced an exodus due to regulatory uncertainties and pandemic restrictions. However, the city has recently taken steps to embrace the crypto industry, offering new opportunities for businesses in the space.

CMCC Global believes that the crackdown on crypto in the US has led to Asian firms considering Hong Kong as a more favorable destination. Asian projects are increasingly exploring opportunities in the region.

Fundraising Challenges in a Tough Environment 

Despite the positive developments, CMCC Global acknowledges the difficulty of fundraising in the current crypto environment. The Titan Fund’s success in raising $100 million is a significant achievement amid a crypto market slowdown.

Titan Fund’s Investment Focus Areas 

The fund plans to allocate its investments into three key areas: blockchain infrastructure, consumer applications like gaming and NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and financial services including exchanges, wallets, lending, and borrowing platforms. Notably, new exchanges won’t be the primary focus.


A Boost for Asian Blockchain Innovation CMCC Global‘s Titan Fund signals a promising resurgence in crypto investment, particularly in Asia. With a strong commitment to fostering early-stage blockchain start-ups and a focus on Hong Kong, this fund could play a pivotal role in revitalizing the region’s crypto and blockchain landscape. As blockchain technology continues to evolve, the Titan Fund’s investments may drive innovation and growth in the Asian market, bringing exciting opportunities for emerging entrepreneurs and investors alike.


How does Hong Kong fit into the Titan Fund’s investment strategy? 

While the Titan Fund aims to invest globally, it recognizes Hong Kong as a hub with significant potential for fintech innovation, especially in the emerging Web3 space.

What is the significance of Hong Kong’s evolving crypto landscape? 

Hong Kong, once a hub for crypto companies, saw an exodus due to regulatory uncertainties and pandemic restrictions. However, recent efforts by the city to embrace the crypto industry have led to renewed interest and opportunities.

How is the Titan Fund expected to impact the Asian crypto and blockchain landscape? 

The Titan Fund’s investments in early-stage blockchain start-ups have the potential to drive innovation and growth in the Asian market. It may serve as a catalyst for emerging entrepreneurs and investors in the region.

What challenges does CMCC Global acknowledge regarding fundraising in the crypto industry? 

CMCC Global acknowledges that fundraising in the current crypto environment can be challenging. Despite this, the Titan Fund’s successful raise of $100 million demonstrates resilience and investor confidence in blockchain innovation.

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