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What is Solana? How does it work? What are its concepts?

What is Solana by web3oclock

What is Solana used for?

Solana is like a playground for digital art. People use it to make NFT apps where you can create, trade, and show off digital artwork. Think of it as a space for NFT markets, where platforms like Metaplex and Solanart bring creators and art lovers together.

Is Solana a good investment? 

Solana is catching the eye of big investors as the go-to altcoin. In 2023, it’s been a hit with 27 weeks of more money coming in than going out, according to CoinShares. Looks like it’s becoming a popular choice for those wanting to mix things up from Bitcoin.

Is Solana real money?

Solana has its own money called SOL tokens. People use them to pay for things like transaction fees. Started in 2017, Solana has become one of the big players in the crypto world.

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