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Toonstar’s “Space Junk” Uses NFTs for Creative Collaboration and Features Jon Heder as Voice Actor

Space Junk, animated nft show

Toonstar, the Web3 animation studio behind “The Gimmicks” featuring Mila Kunis, is back with another NFT-driven animated series called “Space Junk”. This workplace comedy, set in space, features Jon Heder as a voice actor and aims to explore the blue-collar work behind space debris cleanup. The show also allows for creative collaboration and participation through NFTs, allowing viewers to vote on narrative decisions and interact with the creators and other fans.

The idea for the show came from “Workaholics” co-creator Dominic Russo, who became “lightly obsessed” with creating a funny cartoon show around a real-world space hazard. According to Russo, the series challenges the idea that space is sexy and sleek, as depicted in most sci-fi shows, and presents a more realistic portrayal of space as a place where blue-collar workers fix things.

The show will feature NFTs, enabling viewers to vote on narrative decisions, interact with creators and other fans, and develop their own storylines for characters that live on an official wiki. The NFTs are minted on Theta Network on May 15, with each NFT selling for $20. However, access to the show itself will not be token-gated, and anyone can watch it for free starting May 19.

Toonstar previously collaborated with actress Mila Kunis’ production studio on “The Gimmicks,” an NFT-driven animated series about pro wrestling. Like “The Gimmicks,” “Space Junk” will allow viewers to participate in the creative process, making it a unique interactive experience.

Toonstar CEO and co-founder John Attanasio said the show would also lean into the latest tech world talking point: artificial intelligence (AI). An in-universe AI wellness robot named Wellbecca will be voiced on the show by an AI chatbot. Attanasio said the Wellbecca AI bot would also be used for real-world community engagement, allowing “Space Junk” NFT holders to co-create their own short stories.

Overall, “Space Junk” is an exciting addition to the growing trend of NFT-driven entertainment. The show’s unique concept, star-studded cast, and interactive elements make it a promising project to watch out for.

In conclusion, “Space Junk” is launched on May 19 and is featuring biweekly episodes with a season-spanning eight episodes. While the show’s NFTs are minted on Theta Network on May 15, access to the show itself will be free for everyone. With “Space Junk,” Toon star is proving that NFTs can be used for more than just digital art transactions and is offering a new level of interactivity for show fans.

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