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Top 10 Popular Brands in Metaverse [Most Popular]

Popular Brands in Metaverse by web3oclock

The Metaverse is a virtual world that is becoming increasingly popular in the world of technology. It is a space where users can create avatars, interact with others, and engage in various activities. As this virtual world continues to gain momentum, the demand for popular brands in the Metaverse has also increased. In this blog, we will discuss the top 10 popular brands in the Metaverse and what makes them stand out.

1. Samsung

Samsung, the South Korean tech giant, has opened a virtual version of its flagship 837 stores in New York within Decentraland. The store, called 837X, showcases the company’s latest products and features three areas: the Connectivity Theater, the Sustainability Forest, and the Customization Stage. During the initial days of the event, visitors had the opportunity to win limited-edition digital fashion. Although the virtual store is open for a limited time, Samsung plans to launch more 837X stores across other platforms.

2. Coca-Cola

In 2021, Coca-Cola celebrated Friendship Day on July 30th by launching its first NFT collection and organizing a virtual event in Decentraland. Visitors to the event could win rare wearables, and the party kicked off the auction of the Coca-Cola Friendship Box NFT package. The virtual party took place on top of a virtual Coke can building.

3. Nike

In December 2021, Nike acquired RTFKT (Artifact) Studios, a digital fashion brand with a strong presence in the NFT community. As a result, Nike gained access to a premier digital fashion brand and metaverse-ready CloneX avatars. RTFKT had already launched various wearables and NFTs for use in Decentraland, and they also sold NFTs that could be redeemed for physical items. Additionally, certain communities could acquire exclusive sneakers. Nike’s acquisition of RTFKT marked one of the strongest fashion brand moves in the metaverse.

4. Adidas

Adidas not only acquired land inside the virtual world of The Sandbox but also launched an NFT collection in collaboration with Punks Comics, Gmoney, and Bored Ape Yacht Club. The release of Originals: Into the Metaverse generated considerable attention, especially due to its connection with Bored Apes. However, controversy arose because only 10,000 of the 30,000 NFTs were sold to the general public.

5. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton celebrated its 200th anniversary by releasing Louis The Game, a puzzle adventure game where players could collect NFTs. This marked the fashion house’s first significant move into the metaverse. In the game, players take on the role of Vivienne and journey through six vibrant locations to collect all 200 candles. The game is available on both the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

6. Burberry

Burberry has teamed up with Mythical Games to offer branded NFTs in the game Blankos Block Party, which were in high demand and sold out quickly. The limited edition assets included Burberry armbands for $25 and the Burberry Sharky B game character for $300, which is now valued at over $700 on the secondary market.

7. Domino’s

In a creative move, US citizens could order pizza through the virtual world of Decentraland, without Domino’s direct involvement. This illustrates how businesses can benefit from the metaverse without active efforts, and how the metaverse can complement real-world commerce.

8. Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s played a critical role in mainstreaming NFT art in 2021, having opened a virtual gallery inside Decentraland modeled after its London gallery, where they held the Natively Digital auction featuring Robert Alice’s artwork and famous NFT artworks.

9. AMC’s The Walking Dead

AMC’s The Walking Dead, beyond being a TV series, has expanded into play-to-earn games with The Walking Dead Empires on the Gala Games ecosystem, enabling gamers to own land, assets, and trade with other players. Skybound, the comic book company, is also bringing The Walking Dead to the metaverse via The Sandbox.

10. Atari

Atari has embraced the metaverse, with early moves in Decentraland and The Sandbox, bringing its classic gaming franchise to life. This presence in the metaverse could be the catalyst Atari needs to rejuvenate its brand.


The Metaverse has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for brands to connect with consumers in an immersive and interactive way. With the increasing number of users in the Metaverse, the demand for popular brands is on the rise. From luxury fashion to gaming, these brands have found innovative ways to engage with their customers in this virtual world. By staying ahead of the curve and embracing the potential of the Metaverse, these brands have successfully carved out a niche for themselves in this emerging digital landscape.


What popular brands have established a presence in the Metaverse?

Hyundai has emerged as one of the pioneering brands in the automotive industry to venture into the Metaverse. In 2020, the company unveiled its virtual experience space on Roblox, named ‘Hyundai Mobility Adventure.’ The immersive experience showcases futuristic mobility concepts across five zones, providing a glimpse of what lifestyles in the Metaverse could look like.

What digital brands are in Metaverse?

In the digital Metaverse landscape, notable brands that have embraced the platform include Niantic (creator of Pokémon Go), Roblox, and Microsoft. Although these brands have already established their presence in the Metaverse, there are still several untapped potentials and technologies to explore.

Which is the most popular Metaverse?

Among the various Metaverse platforms, Roblox stands out as one of the most popular, boasting over 24 million active users globally. The platform is free to use for gamers and has recently collaborated with NFL to launch a Metaverse in 2023, indicating its growing influence and popularity.

What are some popular clothing brands in the Metaverse?

In the Metaverse, popular clothing brands include Burberry, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. These luxury brands have established a virtual presence in the Metaverse, allowing users to create their avatars and dress them in the latest fashion. With the increasing popularity of the Metaverse, more and more clothing brands are expected to join this virtual space.

What gaming brands are taking advantage of the Metaverse?

Gaming brands such as Electronic Arts (EA), Ubisoft, and Activision Blizzard are exploring the potential of the Metaverse. They are creating immersive experiences and virtual worlds that allow users to interact with their favorite games in a new way. As the Metaverse continues to evolve, gaming brands are expected to leverage its potential for enhancing the gaming experience further.

How are social media brands using the Metaverse?

Social media brands such as Facebook and Twitter are experimenting with the Metaverse. Facebook has launched Horizon Workrooms, a virtual reality space that allows remote teams to work together as if they were in the same room. Twitter has also announced its plans to create a decentralized social media platform in the Metaverse. These brands are exploring the potential of the Metaverse to revolutionize the way we interact with each other online.

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