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OpenSea Launches ‘Deals’ for Direct NFT Swaps and Sweetened Trades!

OpenSea Launches 'Deals' for Direct NFT Swaps and Sweetened Trades! by web3oclock

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken the digital world by storm, allowing users to own unique and scarce digital assets. NFT marketplace OpenSea is leading the charge in this space, and on July 21, 2023, they announced an exciting new feature called ‘Deals,’ which promises to transform the way collectors trade NFTs and enhance the overall NFT trading experience.

What are NFTs, and Why are They So Popular?

Before we delve into the exciting world of ‘Deals,’ let’s take a moment to understand NFTs. Non-fungible tokens are digital assets that represent ownership of unique items, whether they are digital art, virtual real estate, virtual goods in video games, or even music albums. 

Unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, NFTs cannot be exchanged on a one-to-one basis, as each NFT has its distinct characteristics and cannot be replicated.

The popularity of NFTs stems from the concept of digital ownership and scarcity. By owning an NFT, collectors can prove their ownership of a specific digital asset, making it desirable in the digital art and gaming communities, among others.

OpenSea’s ‘Deals’ – A Game-Changer in NFT Trading

OpenSea’s latest feature, ‘Deals,’ is set to revolutionize the way collectors trade NFTs. 

‘Deals’ offers a peer-to-peer NFT swap function, allowing collectors to directly engage with each other and exchange their unique digital assets without the need for intermediaries.

In addition to facilitating direct trades, ‘Deals’ allows collectors to sweeten the transaction by including wrapped ether (WETH), a tokenized version of Ethereum, in the deal. This added feature aims to make the swapping process more enticing and rewarding for both parties involved.

Building Trust and Eliminating Risks

One of the main goals of ‘Deals’ is to create a trustworthy NFT trading environment. As the NFT space continues to grow, so does the risk of encountering scams or engaging with unreliable sellers. OpenSea’s ‘Deals’ addresses this concern by promoting direct peer-to-peer swaps, reducing the risk of falling victim to “sketchy DMs and websites” often encountered in NFT trading.

How Does ‘Deals’ Work?

To initiate a trade, users have the option to enter either the username, ENS name, or wallet address of the individual they intend to trade with. After identifying the counterparty, they can proceed by selecting a maximum of 30 NFTs that they wish to exchange. Additionally, users can specify the amount of WETH (Wrapped Ethereum) they would like to include in the deal, if applicable. This streamlined process allows for seamless and efficient trading of NFTs while accommodating the use of WETH for added flexibility.

Once the assets and terms are finalized, the user can send the deal for consideration. It’s important to note that, for now, both sides of the deal must involve NFTs from the same chain and come from verified collections, ensuring a secure and transparent transaction process.

If the recipient accepts the deal, they will cover any necessary gas fees for the transfers. At present, ‘Deals’ swaps do not incur additional OpenSea fees or pay creator royalties, making the process more cost-effective for collectors.

Inviting More Users to Participate in NFT Communities

OpenSea’s ‘Deals’ aims to attract a wider audience to the thriving NFT community by streamlining the trading process. With ‘Deals,’ collectors can easily engage with each other and build connections within the NFT space. By leveraging their native NFT protocol Seaport, OpenSea ensures that the swapping process is seamless, secure, and devoid of external risks.

A Glimpse into the Competitive NFT Market

OpenSea’s ‘Deals’ comes amidst fierce competition with other NFT marketplaces, including the leading zero-fee platform Blur. In response to OpenSea’s market dominance, Blur launched Blend, a native lending platform that quickly gained 82% of the overall NFT trading volume in its early weeks.


The NFT space is continuously evolving, with various marketplaces vying for user attention and participation. However, OpenSea’s innovative ‘Deals’ feature sets it apart by offering collectors a direct, secure, and straightforward method to trade NFTs, bolstering the platform’s reputation as a market leader.

As NFTs continue to captivate the digital world, OpenSea’s ‘Deals’ represents a significant step forward in empowering collectors and promoting trust within the NFT community. With the support of such innovative features, the future of NFT trading looks promising, creating boundless opportunities for collectors to own and trade their favorite digital assets securely and transparently.


What is OpenSea’s ‘Deals’ feature?

OpenSea’s ‘Deals’ is a new peer-to-peer NFT swap function introduced on the NFT marketplace platform. It enables collectors to trade NFTs directly with each other, eliminating the need for intermediaries and promoting trust within the NFT community. Additionally, collectors can add wrapped ether (WETH) to the deal to make the transaction more enticing, further enhancing the NFT swapping experience.

How does ‘Deals’ ensure a trustworthy NFT trading environment?

OpenSea’s ‘Deals’ aims to create a secure and reliable NFT trading environment by facilitating direct peer-to-peer swaps. This approach reduces the risk of encountering scams or unreliable sellers that collectors may encounter on external websites or communication channels. By engaging in ‘Deals’ within the OpenSea platform, collectors can rest assured that they are participating in a transparent and safe transaction process.

Can anyone use OpenSea’s ‘Deals’ feature?

Yes, ‘Deals’ is designed to be accessible to all users on the OpenSea platform. Collectors who wish to utilize this feature can enter the username, ENS name, or wallet address of the person they want to trade with and select the NFTs they wish to include in the swap. However, it’s important to note that both sides of the deal must involve NFTs from the same chain and come from verified collections to ensure a smooth and reliable trading experience.

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