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Oak Grove Ventures Launches $60 Million Fund to Support Future Tech Innovations

Oak Grove Ventures Launches $60 Million Fund by web3oclock

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency and fintech, a new player is stepping onto the scene, and they mean business. Meet Oak Grove Ventures, a Singapore-based venture capital fund with $60 million in its war chest. This fund is no ordinary one; it’s all about supporting groundbreaking technologies at the intersection of Web3, artificial intelligence (AI), and biotechnology. In this blog, we’ll break down what Oak Grove Ventures is all about and why it matters.

The Team Behind the Magic

Oak Grove Ventures boasts a team of industry veterans who have made their mark in the world of crypto and fintech. Sally Wang, previously associated with Sino Global Capital (now known as Ryze Labs), heads up the investment team. Joining her are Ethan Wang, the former tech lead of Libra, Shawn Shi, co-founder of Alchemy Pay, and Michael Li, a former VP of Coinbase. With this lineup of experts, Oak Grove Ventures is set to make waves in the tech investment world.

The Vision

According to Sally Wang, the head of investments at Oak Grove Ventures, their vision goes beyond just providing capital. They aim to foster a community of visionaries, pioneers, and founders who share their passion for innovation. This community-driven approach sets them apart from traditional investment funds. Their strategy is simple but profound: to raise funds for the founders who are creating the technologies of the future.

A Proven Track Record

While Oak Grove Ventures may be new on the scene, it’s not their first rodeo. The fund previously operated as a family office and has a track record of successful early-stage investments. They have already supported over 30 projects in the past, demonstrating their ability to spot promising opportunities. Some of their disclosed investments include eight funds and 14 high-quality projects, including well-known names like SpaceX and Neuralink. This history of success makes them a compelling choice for startups looking for support.

The Big Picture

Oak Grove Ventures’ launch comes on the heels of Blockchain Capital’s announcement of raising $580 million for crypto-focused funds. What’s notable is that despite a challenging year for the digital asset market, traditional institutions are investing in the crypto space. This shows the growing interest and confidence in the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.


In a rapidly changing tech landscape, Oak Grove Ventures emerges as a beacon of hope for startups and innovators working on cutting-edge technologies. With a team of industry experts, a community-focused approach, and a track record of successful investments, they are well-positioned to make a significant impact. Whether you’re a tech founder with a groundbreaking idea or an investor looking for the next big thing, Oak Grove Ventures is a name to watch. As they embark on their journey to support Web3, AI, and biotech innovations, the tech world eagerly awaits the developments that will unfold with their $60 million fund. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Oak Grove Ventures!


What is Oak Grove Ventures?

Oak Grove Ventures is a Singapore-based venture capital fund with $60 million dedicated to supporting innovative technologies in Web3, artificial intelligence (AI), and biotechnology.

Who’s behind Oak Grove Ventures?

Oak Grove Ventures is led by a team of industry experts, including former professionals from Sino Global Capital, Libra, Alchemy Pay, and Coinbase, who are passionate about fostering innovation and building a community of visionaries.

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