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Gondi Revolutionizes NFT Lending with $5.35M Seed Round

The world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has been rapidly expanding, and with it comes the need for innovative platforms that enable lending against these unique digital assets. Gondi, a cutting-edge NFT lending protocol, has recently launched with a $5.35 million seed round led by major investors. In this blog, we will explore how Gondi sets itself apart from other players in the market and the unique features it brings to the NFT lending landscape.

About Gondi

Gondi revolutionizes the NFT lending landscape by offering a decentralized protocol that maximizes capital efficiency, transparency, and accessibility in the credit market. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, this peer-to-peer platform empowers users to engage in continuous underwriting, refinancing, and renegotiation of NFT-backed loans, resulting in a more streamlined and adaptable market. Leading the development of Gondi is Florida Street, a prominent software company dedicated to crafting innovative Web3 products and protocols.

Imagine a world where lenders can effortlessly refinance existing loans in an instant. Envision borrowers securing more favorable terms on their outstanding loans without needing to take any additional actions. With Gondi, all of this becomes a reality. By leveraging the protocol, participants gain access to a range of powerful features and possibilities that extend far beyond traditional lending practices.

Gondi’s white-listed collections encompass renowned NFT projects such as CryptoPunks, AutoGlyphs, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Chromie Squiggle, Fidenza, Ringers, Anticyclone, Gazers, Memories of Qilin, Doodles, Azuki, and many others. By supporting these collections, Gondi ensures a diverse and vibrant ecosystem for borrowers and lenders to explore and benefit from.

Unprecedented Flexibility and Efficiency

Gondi allows lenders and borrowers to leverage the value of blue-chip NFT collections on the Ethereum mainnet with unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. The platform’s instant refinancing mechanism enables borrowers to access more affordable credit, fostering a growing market for NFT lending. With new entrants vying for market share, Gondi stands out as a distinctive player in the ecosystem.

Instant Refinancing and Partial Refinancing

What sets Gondi apart is its instant refinancing mechanism. At any point during an outstanding loan, a prospective lender can execute a refinancing, becoming the new lender of record. However, they can only refinance if the loan terms are better for the borrower, ensuring improved economic terms. This mechanism empowers lenders with better lending dynamics, as they can underwrite any asset in the market and access a larger base of NFT collateral more quickly than ever before.

Moreover, Gondi introduces tranche (partial) refinancing, making NFT lending more accessible for retail participants. This means that any lender, regardless of asset class, can participate in the lending process. By making NFT lending more composable, Gondi opens the doors for a broader range of users to engage with high-value NFTs like CryptoPunks and AutoGlyphs.

Renegotiation Power

Gondi introduces a groundbreaking feature that allows borrowers to renegotiate with their current lender or consider new terms from potential lenders. This shift from 1-to-1 negotiations to 1-to-ALL negotiations streamlines the process and eliminates complications that previously arose due to limited renegotiation power. Borrowers now have the opportunity to secure more favorable loan terms without taking any additional action.

Gondi’s Impact on the NFT Lending Market

With its non-custodial and peer-to-peer (P2P) approach, Gondi brings affordability and flexibility to NFT lending. Borrowers can use their NFT assets as collateral to request loans from the open market, while lenders benefit from better lending dynamics and improved interest-earning potential. The platform’s whitelist includes prestigious NFT collections like CryptoPunks, AutoGlyphs, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and many others, with plans to add more collections in the future.

Security and Auditing

Gondi prioritizes security and trust. The protocol has been audited by top Web3 security firms, Trail of Bits and CertiK, ensuring the safety of user funds and transactions. This commitment to security instills confidence in users and underscores Gondi’s dedication to creating a transparent and reliable credit market for NFTs.


As the NFT lending market reaches record-breaking highs, Gondi emerges as a game-changer with its innovative features and significant financial backing. The platform’s instant refinancing mechanism, partial refinancing, and negotiation power revolutionize the way borrowers and lenders interact in the NFT lending landscape. Gondi’s vision of creating a decentralized, capital-efficient, and open credit market for NFTs paves the way for broader adoption and accessibility. With its strong investor support and partnerships with renowned NFT collections, Gondi is poised to make a lasting impact in the world of NFT lending.

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