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Blackbird Raises $24M in Funding Led by A16z

Blackbird Raises $24M by web3oclock

In recent news, Blackbird Labs, a trailblazing company, has just unveiled its latest venture—a restaurant-loyalty app driven by blockchain technology. This innovative app is set to bridge the gap between restaurants and their patrons by introducing an exciting crypto-based rewards system. In this blog, we’ll dive deep into the world of Blackbird Labs and explore its recent triumph in securing funding for this remarkable initiative.

The $24 Million Funding

The big news surrounding Blackbird Labs is its recent success in raising $24 million in a series A funding round. This round was led by the renowned venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, commonly known as A16z. This substantial investment is poised to catapult Blackbird into the forefront of the restaurant industry’s digital transformation.

How Blackbird Works

Blackbird’s primary objective is to enhance the dining experience for both customers and restaurants alike. Built on Coinbase’s Layer-2 Base blockchain, Blackbird introduces a user-friendly approach. Customers can simply tap their smartphones on a near-field communication (NFC) reader, much like they would for contactless payments. This action triggers the creation of a non-fungible token (NFT) membership, a unique digital asset tied to their loyalty.

Unlocking Exclusive Rewards and Perks

What truly sets Blackbird memberships apart are the captivating rewards and exclusive perks they offer. These benefits transcend the ordinary, granting members access to off-menu delicacies and a personalized SMS concierge service. For aficionados of fine dining, this is a golden opportunity to elevate their culinary experiences and embark on a tantalizing journey through the world of gastronomy.

The Hidden Gem: Flypaper and $FLY Tokens

Behind Blackbird’s user-friendly interface lies a sophisticated blockchain infrastructure and a commitment to decentralization. Diners using Blackbird can also earn fungible $FLY tokens, which add an exciting dimension to the loyalty program. For a deeper dive into the mechanics, Blackbird’s website links to a “Flypaper” document that explains the intricacies.

According to the “Flypaper,” Blackbird aims to be the first decentralized platform designed specifically for the hospitality industry. Unlike traditional rewards programs that limit the usability of earned points, Blackbird plans to allow users to use their points on public blockchains, offering unparalleled flexibility.

Moreover, Blackbird has made joining the crypto revolution easier by partnering with Privy. Users don’t need a crypto wallet beforehand; all they need to do is sign in with their phone number. This grants them access to a self-custodial wallet, simplifying the onboarding process and making it more accessible to a wider audience.


Since its launch a few months ago, Blackbird has already partnered with approximately 80 restaurants in the bustling culinary hub of New York City. With its recent funding success and innovative approach to loyalty programs, Blackbird is poised to redefine the way we engage with our favorite dining establishments. Whether you’re a restaurant enthusiast or simply curious about the future of dining, keep an eye on Blackbird’s exciting journey as it reshapes the restaurant industry with blockchain technology and crypto rewards.


1. What is Blackbird, and how does it work?

Blackbird is a blockchain-powered app and loyalty program that connects restaurants and customers through its crypto-powered platform. When customers use Blackbird, they tap their smartphones on an NFC reader, creating a non-fungible token (NFT) membership. This membership unlocks exclusive rewards and perks, such as off-menu items and an SMS concierge service.

2. What are $FLY tokens, and how can diners earn them?

$FLY tokens are fungible tokens associated with Blackbird’s loyalty program. Diners can earn $FLY tokens by using Blackbird and participating in its rewards system. These tokens add an exciting dimension to the dining experience and can be used on public blockchains for greater flexibility.

3. Do I need a crypto wallet to join Blackbird, and how can I get started?

No, you don’t need a crypto wallet to join Blackbird. Blackbird has partnered with Privy, allowing users to sign in with their phone number. This grants them access to a self-custodial wallet, simplifying the onboarding process and making it easy for anyone to start enjoying the benefits of Blackbird’s crypto-powered restaurant loyalty program.

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