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Ant Group to Withdraw from $100 Million Crypto Investment Fund

Ant Group to Withdraw from $100 Million by web3oclock

In recent news, the Chinese fintech giant, Ant Group, has announced its plan to exit from a $100 million investment in A&T Capital, a venture capital fund that played a significant role in Ant’s foray into the volatile world of digital assets. This decision follows a series of events, including the resignation of A&T’s founding partner, Yu Jun, and an ongoing workplace behavior investigation. In this blog, we’ll explore what this development means for the crypto space and the startups that received funding from A&T.

Background on A&T Capital

A&T Capital was founded in April 2021 with the backing of Ant Group, aiming to invest in offshore crypto projects. Since its inception, A&T has made strategic investments in several prominent crypto startups, such as Matrixport, a digital asset lender, and ConsenSys, a renowned Ethereum software maker. Ant Group’s involvement as a major investor in A&T further solidified its position in the crypto ecosystem.

Ant Group’s Retreat from Crypto

Ant Group’s decision to pull out of the $100 million fund is a significant move that could have ripple effects throughout the crypto industry. While the exact reasons for this withdrawal are not officially confirmed, it is noteworthy that it coincides with the resignation of Yu Jun, a former Ant executive instrumental in establishing A&T. The workplace behavior investigation into Yu’s actions may have influenced Ant’s decision.

Impact on A&T Capital and Crypto Startups

The fate of A&T Capital remains uncertain following Ant Group’s withdrawal. It’s unclear whether the venture firm will continue to operate independently or seek new investors to replace Ant’s involvement. As of now, A&T’s website is experiencing technical difficulties, suggesting potential changes in its operations.

For the crypto startups that received funding from A&T, this development raises questions about their financial stability and future growth prospects. Startups often rely on investments from venture capital firms like A&T to fuel their innovation and expansion. If A&T faces challenges in securing new investors or maintaining its operations, it could affect the startups it has supported.

Crypto Venture Funding Trends

The decision by Ant Group to withdraw from A&T Capital also reflects broader trends in the crypto venture funding landscape. Data from PitchBook indicates that crypto venture funding experienced a decline in the second quarter, reaching levels not seen since 2020. This dip in funding follows the crypto market’s tumultuous events last year, including a virtual-asset meltdown, and coincides with a growing interest in artificial intelligence technology.


Ant Group’s decision to exit its $100 million investment in A&T Capital sends ripples through the crypto industry and raises questions about the future of both the venture firm and the startups it has supported. It also mirrors the broader trend of decreased crypto venture funding. As the situation unfolds, it will be interesting to see how A&T and the crypto startups adapt to these changes and whether new investors step in to fill the void left by Ant Group’s departure. This development reminds us that the crypto space remains dynamic and subject to various influences, including the actions of major players like Ant Group.


What Is Ant Group’s Reason for Withdrawing from A&T Capital?

The exact reason for Ant Group’s withdrawal from A&T Capital has not been officially confirmed. However, it coincided with the resignation of A&T’s founding partner, Yu Jun, and an ongoing investigation into his workplace behavior. These factors may have played a role in Ant Group’s decision to retreat from the crypto investment fund.

How Will Ant Group’s Withdrawal Impact Crypto Startups Backed by A&T Capital?

The impact on crypto startups that received funding from A&T Capital depends on the fund’s future. If A&T continues to operate independently or secures new investors to replace Ant Group, the impact may be minimal. However, if A&T faces challenges in maintaining its operations, it could raise concerns about the financial stability and growth prospects of the startups it supported.

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