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AlphaSense Raises $150 Million to Expand AI-Powered Market Intelligence

AlphaSense Raises $150 Million by web3oclock

In today’s super-fast business world, knowing what’s going on in your industry, keeping an eye on your competition, and understanding what’s happening in the market is a big deal. That’s where the market intelligence industry comes in. It’s expected to make almost $84 billion this year! And one of the big names in this game is AlphaSense. They’re making waves by getting a massive $150 million in funding, and now they’re worth a whopping $2.5 billion. Let’s dig into why this news is so important and find out what AlphaSense brings to the table in the world of market intelligence.

AlphaSense’s Impressive Funding Round

AlphaSense’s recent Series E funding round, led by Bond and featuring participation from CapitalG, Viking Global Investors, Goldman Sachs, and newcomer BAM Elevate, demonstrates strong investor confidence in the company’s potential. This funding round not only boosts AlphaSense’s valuation but also signifies its commitment to further growth and innovation in the market intelligence sector.

One remarkable aspect of AlphaSense is its extensive client base, which includes over 4,000 enterprise customers, spanning across various sectors, including the majority of the S&P 500 companies, leading banks, investment firms, consultancies, and tech giants like Google and Microsoft. Such a diverse and prestigious clientele underscores the value AlphaSense brings to businesses of all sizes.

AlphaSense’s Unique Approach

AlphaSense differentiates itself in the market intelligence landscape with its distinctive approach. Unlike traditional methods, which often involve in-house research teams or the use of business intelligence tools, AlphaSense positions itself as a data crawler and insights extractor.

The company scours over 10,000 sources of information, encompassing both public and private content from research firms, government agencies, competitors, and more. It has a particular focus on financial insights, bolstered by strategic acquisitions of Stream and Sentieo, which enhance its capabilities in transcribing interviews and providing financial intelligence to investment managers.

Insights as a Service

AlphaSense offers its platform as a service, coined “insights-as-a-service.” It allows businesses to gather information about specific companies and industries. In the process, AlphaSense employs machine learning and natural language processing technology to transform unstructured data into digestible narratives and graphics.

This unique ability to structure unstructured information sets AlphaSense apart from potential competitors like generative AI platforms. According to Jack Kokko, AlphaSense’s founder and CEO, generative AI platforms like ChatGPT provide somewhat random results that lack a deep understanding of business or commercial contexts. AlphaSense’s approach, on the other hand, focuses on delivering meaningful insights tailored to its customers’ needs.

Remaining Ahead of the Competition

AlphaSense recognizes the evolving landscape of market intelligence, including the rise of generative AI platforms like ChatGPT. While AlphaSense currently uses its own Large Language Models for better performance, it understands the need to adapt to changing trends and technologies in the industry.


AlphaSense’s recent funding round and impressive clientele highlight its significant presence in the market intelligence industry. By combining data crawling, insights extraction, and natural language processing, AlphaSense delivers valuable insights to businesses, setting it apart from potential competitors. As the market continues to evolve, AlphaSense remains committed to staying at the forefront of technology and innovation, ensuring its customers have access to the best tools for informed decision-making in the ever-changing business landscape.


Who led the Series E funding round for AlphaSense?

The Series E funding round was led by Bond, with participation from CapitalG, Viking Global Investors, Goldman Sachs, and BAM Elevate.

What makes AlphaSense unique in the market intelligence industry?

AlphaSense stands out by offering a platform that combines data crawling and insights extraction. It covers over 10,000 sources of information, both public and private, and uses machine learning and natural language processing to provide structured insights.

Who are AlphaSense’s customers?

AlphaSense has a diverse clientele, including more than 4,000 enterprise customers, ranging from the S&P 500 companies to major banks, investment firms, consultancies, and leading companies across various sectors.

How does AlphaSense gather market intelligence?

AlphaSense gathers market intelligence from a wide range of sources, including research firms, government bodies, competitors, and research interviews. It focuses on structuring unstructured information to provide meaningful insights.

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