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Exploring the $158 Million Funding Boost for Blockchain and Metaverse Development

$158 Million Funding Boost for Blockchain and Metaverse by web3oclock

In a recent turn of events, the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has witnessed a significant financial boost. A collective funding of $158 million has been raised by nine prominent companies operating in the crypto space. Notably, this funding encompasses both blockchain development firms and a metaverse developer, signifying the evolving landscape of digital innovation. Despite the relatively subdued crypto market, these developments highlight the continued progress and investment opportunities within the industry. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of this news and uncover the transformative potential behind these investments.

Blockchain Advancements: Powering the Future

Last week saw an infusion of funding into the blockchain sphere, with an emphasis on layer-1 infrastructure and metaverse creation. Among the beneficiaries, Bitgo, a crypto custody platform, stands out by securing a staggering $100 million in a Series C funding round. This capital injection has propelled Bitgo’s valuation to an impressive $1.75 billion, underlining the growing demand for secure crypto custody platforms across the globe. Mike Belshe, the CEO of Bitgo, articulated the company’s intention to facilitate a seamless and secure presence within the cryptocurrency ecosystem for institutions, brands, and foundations.

In a similar vein, Zetachain, an EVM-compatible layer-1 infrastructure, garnered an impressive $27 million in funding. Zetachain’s unique approach aims to simplify blockchain interoperability, offering users access to services through a unified platform independent of the blockchain they are associated with. Despite the complexity of their goal, the substantial funding ensures that Zetachain has a solid foundation to pursue its innovative vision.

Linera, a pioneer in the layer-1 blockchain landscape, also secured funding, amassing $6 million during its seed round. Linera‘s strategy focuses on scalability by introducing parallel chains to its infrastructure, a departure from conventional block size expansion. This injection of funds will primarily support team expansion and the launch of crucial development networks.

Metaverse: Bridging Realities through Investment

Beyond blockchain development, a noteworthy metaverse project, ZTX, attracted substantial investment, raising $13 million during its seed round. ZTX, the brainchild of Zepeto, a major player in South Korea’s blockchain sector valued at $1 billion, has ambitions to merge the realms of gaming and the metaverse. This significant financial backing, led by venture capitalists like Jump Capital, underscores the immense potential seen in this emerging field.

ZTX’s mission revolves around the concept of ownership within metaverse 3D environments. Through the “Genesis Home Mint,” ZTX aims to empower the community to mint NFTs representing 3D homes, granting access to future drops, events, and game enhancements. The project’s partnership with Arbitrum’s blockchain network underscores its commitment to creating a thriving metaverse ecosystem.

Notably, ZTX’s collaboration with Dust Labs has facilitated a private beta test, enabling creators to develop 3D assets and objects within the metaverse. This experimentation showcases ZTX’s commitment to fostering a robust framework for mainstream metaverse development, complemented by the expertise of individuals who have contributed to renowned companies like Apple, Roblox, Epic Games, and EA.


The recent influx of $158 million in funding for blockchain development and metaverse initiatives underscores the unrelenting spirit of innovation in the crypto world. As blockchain companies and metaverse developers pave the way for a more interconnected and immersive digital landscape, the potential for transformative change is becoming increasingly evident. These investments serve as a testament to the confidence that venture capitalists and industry experts have in the growth and sustainability of these groundbreaking ventures. As we move forward, it’s thrilling to witness the progress and evolution of these technologies, poised to reshape the way we interact with the digital realm.


1. What is the significance of the $158 million funding for blockchain development and the metaverse?

The recent $158 million funding injection holds great significance for both the blockchain and metaverse industries. This funding signifies the continued interest and investment in innovative technologies despite the relative quietness of the crypto market. It highlights the confidence that investors and venture capitalists have in the potential of blockchain and metaverse projects to shape the future of digital interactions. The funding will enable these companies to expand their operations, develop new technologies, and contribute to the 

ongoing evolution of the digital landscape.

2. How will Bitgo utilize the $100 million raised in its Series C funding round?

Bitgo, a prominent crypto custody platform, raised $100 million in its Series C funding round. The company plans to allocate these funds to meet the increasing global demand for secure crypto custody services. Bitgo aims to provide institutions, brands, and foundations with a seamless and secure presence within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The funding will likely support the enhancement of Bitgo’s infrastructure, technology development, and the expansion of its service offerings to cater to the growing needs of the crypto industry.

3. What is the vision behind ZTX’s metaverse project, and how does it differ from other metaverse platforms?

ZTX, a metaverse project initiated by Zepeto, aims to bridge the worlds of gaming and the metaverse. Its unique vision revolves around introducing the concept of “ownership” within 3D metaverse environments. Through the “Genesis Home Mint,” ZTX enables users to mint NFTs representing 3D homes, granting access to future drops, events, and game enhancements. Unlike traditional metaverse platforms, ZTX places a strong emphasis on community involvement and decentralized ownership, offering a new dimension of interaction and engagement. This project’s collaboration with Dust Labs for private beta testing further showcases its commitment to fostering a mainstream-friendly metaverse ecosystem that encourages creators to shape the digital world.

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