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Yuga Labs Takes Bored Apes on an Unforgettable Otherside Journey!

Yuga Labs Takes Bored Apes on Otherside Journey by web3oclock

Welcome to the exciting world of Yuga Labs, the NFT mega-company that has been making waves in the virtual space with its Otherside gamified metaverse world. In this blog, we’ll dive into the recent live demo that was aimed at bringing back the Bored Ape Yacht Club holders to the heart of its universe. Join us as we explore the latest developments, the challenges faced, and the potential future of Otherside!

The Rise of Otherside and Yuga Labs

For the past year, Yuga Labs has been hard at work building Otherside, a gamified metaverse world. It all started with a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) known as “Otherdeeds,” which have generated over 609,073 ETH in trading volume since its launch in April 2022. This project sits at the “intersection” of all of Yuga Labs’ NFT brands, including Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, Meebits, and 10KTF.

Under the leadership of CEO Daniel Alegre, formerly from Activision Blizzard, and a team of game-focused executives, Yuga Labs has been laser-focused on the development of Otherside. The goal is to create an immersive and buildable virtual world that brings together various NFT communities.

Addressing the Concerns and Feedback

With the prolonged bear market in the NFT space, there were concerns about Otherside’s success. Yuga Labs understands the importance of keeping the community engaged and confident in the project’s progress. To address this, they have been offering “Trips,” live virtual demos that allow thousands of players to participate, speak to each other, and engage in team-based tasks. These experiences have been a hit, but Yuga Labs knew that they needed to do more to ensure the game’s success.

An Exclusive Live Demo for Bored Ape Holders

To bring Bored Ape Yacht Club holders back into the fold, Yuga Labs hosted an exclusive live demo in Los Angeles. They invited 40 voyagers to experience a massive island, called a “tier 5” island, inside Otherside’s metaverse. This island was designed to act as a virtual clubhouse for the Bored Ape community, showcasing the potential of Otherside for other communities in the Web3 space.

The live demo allowed participants to provide crucial feedback in real-time. Yuga Labs wanted to create a more personal and interactive experience, allowing the 40 voyagers to participate as their Bored Ape avatars. This move aligns with Otherside’s goal of being personalized and interoperable for players.

The Potential of Otherside

The live demo received positive feedback from participants like Richard Porfirio, also known as Richpor. He envisions Otherside as a multipurpose hub for millions of Web3 users, where various activities like Twitter Spaces, live events, and even digital weddings could take place. Otherside has the potential to become a platform that brings these experiences to the masses.

While Otherside does not have an official public release date yet, the team at Yuga Labs is eager to offer a persistent space for holders as soon as possible. They are taking a careful and iterative approach, focusing on making collectors happy first before expanding the platform’s reach.

Building in Public and Restoring Social Status

Yuga Labs believes in building in public, conducting small-scale tests like this live demo to fine-tune the details and provide holders with greater transparency into the progress of high-priority projects. This approach enables the community to be part of the development process and gives them a voice in shaping Otherside’s future.

The latest Otherside demo also served as a vote of confidence for the Bored Ape community. Many are enthusiastic about being a part of Otherside and restoring their social status, which was created during the NFT boom.


Yuga Labs’ Otherside is an ambitious project that aims to create an immersive and interconnected metaverse world. With live demos and constant feedback from the community, the team is working hard to deliver a compelling experience that brings together various NFT communities. As we eagerly await the official public release, one thing is clear: Otherside has the potential to reshape the NFT landscape and become a hub for exciting virtual experiences. So, Bored Ape Yacht Club holders, get ready to dive into the universe of Otherside and experience the future of Web3 gaming!


What is Otherside, and how does it differ from traditional NFTs?

Otherside is a gamified metaverse world developed by Yuga Labs, the parent company of Bored Ape Yacht Club and other popular NFT brands. Unlike traditional NFTs that represent unique digital assets, Otherside goes beyond static collectibles. It offers an immersive and interactive virtual environment where NFT holders can explore, interact with each other, and engage in various activities. Otherside aims to bring together different NFT communities, offering an interconnected experience at the intersection of various NFT projects.

How can I participate in Otherside, and what are “Trips”?

To participate in Otherside, you need to be a holder of the Otherdeed NFTs, which are part of the Otherside collection. Yuga Labs has been organizing live virtual demos called “Trips” to offer early glimpses into the metaverse world. During Trips, NFT holders, known as “voyagers,” can join thousands of other players in highly-curated experiences. Trips allow voyagers to communicate, collaborate on team-based tasks, and explore the possibilities of Otherside. These Trips have been instrumental in collecting feedback and refining the platform.

When will Otherside be officially released to the public?

As of now, Yuga Labs has not announced an official public release date for Otherside. The team is taking a cautious approach, aiming to ensure that the platform is well-developed and meets the expectations of its community before a widespread launch. Yuga Labs has been conducting small-scale tests, such as the recent live demo for Bored Ape holders, to fine-tune the platform based on feedback. The company plans to offer more “short-term experiences” to address any uncertainties and concerns before the full launch.

What potential does Otherside hold for the future of Web3 and NFTs?

Otherside has the potential to revolutionize the NFT space and the future of Web3 gaming. By providing an immersive metaverse experience, Otherside can serve as a hub for various Web3 communities to converge, interact, and collaborate. The platform envisions hosting diverse activities, from social gatherings to live events, bringing a new dimension to virtual experiences. Yuga Labs aims to make Otherside a multipurpose space that caters to millions of Web3 users and integrates personalized avatars and interoperable features. While the journey to the full launch may take time, Otherside’s promise of reshaping the NFT landscape is both exciting and eagerly anticipated.

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