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yPredict Raises $3.5M for AI-Driven Crypto Trading Signals Platform

yPredict Raises $3.5M for AI-Driven Crypto Trading Signals Platform

The world of cryptocurrency is abuzz with innovation, and one name that’s been making waves recently is yPredict. This platform has set out on a mission to blend the power of artificial intelligence (AI) with crypto trading and other fields, aiming to transform the way we make decisions in the digital age. In this beginner-friendly blog, we’ll dive into the exciting world of yPredict, exploring how AI is reshaping crypto trading and beyond.

The Evolution of Trading: Human Intuition vs. AI Insights

For years, traders and investors have relied on human analysis and intuition to make decisions in the complex world of finance. But the age-old debate has persisted—can machines, driven by AI, truly replace human insights? yPredict is here to offer its answer.

Imagine a world where trading decisions are not solely reliant on gut feelings and human analysis, but rather augmented with sophisticated AI-driven analytics. yPredict is at the forefront of this shift, where machines are becoming capable of delivering insights that might just give them the upper hand. The platform’s integration of AI into the crypto trading sphere is indicative of a future where technology and human intelligence work in harmony.

Recent Funding Triumphs

yPredict’s appeal to investors is undeniable. The platform has secured a substantial $3.56 million in funding, with an average daily raise of $11,880.53. This achievement places yPredict among the best in the realm of crypto presales. Such financial support indicates not only investor confidence but also a recognition of the platform’s potential to reshape trading through AI-backed analytics.

A Glimpse into the yPredict Ecosystem

Understanding yPredict’s ecosystem is crucial to comprehending its impact. At its core, yPredict is building a suite of user-friendly trading features enhanced by advanced AI analytics. The platform primarily focuses on crypto and SEO analysis, but its potential stretches far beyond.

To fund its development, yPredict initiated the presale of its native $YPRED token. This token is not just a financial instrument; it’s an essential part of yPredict’s web3 ecosystem. Token holders can expect a range of benefits, including potential staking rewards and discounts on the platform’s powerful tool suite.

Token Economy and Milestones

Out of the 100 million $YPRED tokens, 80% are up for grabs in the public presale. The current price per token in the seventh stage of presale is $0.1. As yPredict progresses and reaches its next funding milestone, the token price is anticipated to rise to $0.11. Later this year, the tokens are expected to make their debut on cryptocurrency exchanges at a rate of $0.12.

Unlocking yPredict’s Offerings

Digging deeper, yPredict’s mission is centered around creating an AI-powered platform for crypto price prediction and analytics. How does this work? Their Litepaper outlines the platform’s commitment to providing traders and investors with a range of AI-generated signals, pattern recognition, and sentiment analysis based on news and social media trends. These insights are crafted by a team of skilled AI developers, showcasing the potential of AI in shaping trading decisions.

Moreover, yPredict is extending an invitation to AI enthusiasts by offering a beta version of its platform. This not only allows users to experience the platform firsthand but also invites them to contribute to its evolution. Additionally, the platform is crafting a unique marketplace where Machine Learning developers can list their predictive model subscriptions, creating a collaborative environment where technology meets innovation.

AI Beyond Crypto: Expanding Horizons

yPredict’s ambitions go beyond just crypto trading analytics. The platform has ventured into the realm of content teams. Their Backlink Estimator tool, a recent addition, received an overwhelming response, with over 5,000 requests within the first 24 hours. This high demand led to a revised pricing model, where users can now access the tool for $99 per query.

Participants in the presale enjoy special privileges, gaining unlimited access to the Backlink Estimator and upcoming tools. yPredict is also developing WriteMingle, a collaborative SEO-friendly content editor, catering to content teams’ needs. Furthermore, the platform has hinted at releasing a content solution tailored for medium to large content teams, showcasing its dedication to catering to a wider audience.

The Role of $YPRED Token in the AI Ecosystem

The $YPRED token serves as the gateway to yPredict’s array of services. Beyond its financial value, the token holders are in for a treat. Staking yields and discounts on the platform’s powerful tools are just a couple of the incentives awaiting them. To ensure transparency, yPredict has allocated the remaining 20% of tokens to liquidity, treasury, and development, securing the platform’s growth and sustainability.


As yPredict continues to develop, it offers a glimpse into the evolving role of AI in the world of trading and beyond. The platform’s ability to harmonize advanced analytics with human intuition is paving the way for a new era of decision-making. In a world where technology is reshaping industries, platforms like yPredict stand as a testament to the remarkable synergy that can be achieved when AI and human intelligence work hand in hand.


1. What is yPredict, and how does it use AI in crypto trading?

yPredict is a cutting-edge platform that integrates artificial intelligence (AI) into the realm of cryptocurrency trading. It aims to revolutionize the way trading decisions are made by leveraging advanced AI analytics. Unlike traditional methods that rely solely on human analysis, yPredict offers AI-generated signals, pattern recognition, and sentiment analysis based on news and social media trends. These insights are crafted by a team of skilled AI developers, enhancing traders’ decision-making process and potentially offering an upper hand in the volatile crypto market.

2. How can I benefit from the $YPRED token, and what incentives does it offer?

The $YPRED token is a central element of yPredict’s ecosystem. Token holders gain access to a range of benefits, including potential staking rewards and discounts on yPredict’s suite of powerful tools. Staking yields provide an opportunity for token holders to earn rewards by participating in the platform’s activities. Additionally, the discounts on tools can significantly enhance users’ trading experience. yPredict allocates 80% of the 100 million $YPRED tokens for public presale, making it accessible to a wide audience interested in participating in this innovative ecosystem.

3. How does yPredict extend beyond crypto trading, and what is the Backlink Estimator tool?

While yPredict’s core focus is on crypto trading analytics, the platform is venturing into various domains beyond trading. One notable addition is the Backlink Estimator tool, designed to cater to content teams and SEO enthusiasts. This tool offers the ability to estimate the value of backlinks, aiding content creators and marketers in optimizing their strategies. The overwhelming response to this tool within the initial 24 hours led to a revised pricing model of $99 per query, showcasing the demand for AI-powered solutions beyond the crypto sphere. Presale participants enjoy exclusive access to the Backlink Estimator and upcoming tools, further enhancing their experience on the platform.

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