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Worldcoin Unveiled: A Controversial Crypto Launch by OpenAI Creators – What You Need to Know!

Worldcoin by OpenAI Creator by web3oclock

In the fast-evolving world of cryptocurrency, a new token has recently made waves in the market. Worldcoin, launched by none other than Sam Altman, the creator of OpenAI, has attracted attention due to its unique features and controversial aspects. In this blog, we will delve into the details of the Worldcoin token, understanding its tokenomics, and why it’s causing a stir among investors.

The Worldcoin Tokenomics

On July 24, the Worldcoin token was introduced to the market, and it quickly became apparent that there were some unusual aspects to its tokenomics. One striking feature was the exceptionally high trading volume, which surpassed the token’s market cap by 1.6 times within the first 24 hours. This astonishing figure has left many scratching their heads and questioning how it could even be possible.

Upon closer examination, it was revealed that the project had lent a staggering 100 million tokens to market makers. In contrast, only 8 million coins were distributed to users through an airdrop. While some of these users may have engaged in flipping their positions, this still does not fully justify the reported $400 million trading volume.

Unlocking of Tokens

Another concerning aspect of Worldcoin’s tokenomics is the planned unlocking of tokens over time. Approximately 40% of the tokens will be unlocked between July 2024 and July 2025, which amounts to 500 times more tokens than the initial airdrop of 8 million. This raises concerns among investors as such an influx of tokens could potentially lead to a significant devaluation of the token’s price.

Projected Market Capitalization

Considering the current trajectory, it is projected that to maintain a market capitalization below other established cryptocurrencies like Chainlink, Worldcoin’s token price in July 2025 would need to be significantly lower, possibly around $1 or even 58% below the current value. This prospect poses a considerable risk for traders seeking short-term gains, especially given that many venture capitalists acquired their tokens at much lower prices.

Investor Caution and Understanding

Given the unique and somewhat controversial tokenomics of Worldcoin, analysts and experts are advising potential investors to exercise caution and thoroughly understand the project before considering any investment. The high token volume and planned token unlocking could create a volatile market that may not align with short-term investment goals.

The Deribit Bitcoin Volatility Index

In addition to discussing Worldcoin, “The Market Report” also explored the Deribit Bitcoin volatility index, which has recently reached its lowest level in two years. This indicates a possible lack of price turbulence for Bitcoin in the near future. However, experts like Marcel Pechman, the analyst and writer on the show, suggest that the most likely outcome is not lateral movement for Bitcoin.


The launch of Worldcoin by OpenAI creator Sam Altman has undoubtedly piqued the interest of the cryptocurrency community. Its unique tokenomics, characterized by an unusually high trading volume and the planned unlocking of tokens, has sparked both curiosity and controversy. Investors are advised to approach this new token with caution, fully understanding its dynamics and potential risks. The crypto market is ever-changing, and while Worldcoin’s debut has been met with skepticism, only time will tell how it will navigate the volatile waters of the crypto space. As with any investment, thorough research and risk assessment are vital for making informed decisions.


What is Worldcoin, and who is behind its creation?

Worldcoin is a cryptocurrency token that was launched by Sam Altman, the creator of OpenAI. It aims to provide a decentralized digital currency that can be used for various transactions and services within its ecosystem. Sam Altman’s reputation as a prominent figure in the tech and AI industry has garnered significant attention for the token’s launch.

Why is the trading volume of Worldcoin significantly higher than its market cap?

The trading volume of Worldcoin has raised eyebrows in the cryptocurrency community due to its unusually high figure, surpassing its market capitalization in the initial 24 hours. This is a result of the project lending a substantial number of tokens (100 million) to market makers. Only a fraction of the total tokens (8 million) were distributed to users through an airdrop. The discrepancy between volume and market cap has led to concerns and calls for a deeper understanding of the tokenomics.

What is the unlocking schedule of Worldcoin tokens, and how does it impact its value?

Approximately 40% of Worldcoin’s total token supply is set to be unlocked between July 2024 and July 2025. This unlocking process will introduce a significant number of additional tokens into circulation, potentially impacting the token’s value. The influx of tokens could lead to price volatility and potential devaluation, making investors cautious about the token’s long-term prospects.

Should I consider investing in Worldcoin, given the controversies surrounding it?

Investing in any cryptocurrency involves inherent risks, and Worldcoin is no exception. The unique tokenomics and planned unlocking of tokens have led to controversies and uncertainties surrounding its future value and stability. As with any investment, potential investors should thoroughly research and understand the project’s fundamentals, risks, and long-term viability before making a decision. Consulting with financial advisors and staying informed about the latest developments in the cryptocurrency market is essential to make informed investment choices.

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