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Web3 Security Startup Raises $8.2M Seed Funding Raises Seed Funding by web3oclock

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, security is a top concern. The rise of decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms and smart contracts has introduced new opportunities for innovation, but it has also attracted the attention of cybercriminals. This is where comes in—a pioneering startup that aims to revolutionize Web3 security and safeguard your digital assets. Let’s dive into what is all about and how it’s reshaping the landscape of online security.

The Birth of Shielding Web3 from Threats

Imagine you’re building a house. You wouldn’t leave your doors and windows wide open, right? Similarly, when it comes to blockchain networks and smart contracts, security is paramount. is a new player in this field, focusing on keeping these digital systems safe from cyber threats. Founded by Einaras Gravrock, an experienced security builder, is on a mission to protect your digital investments.

Securing Smart Contracts: A Vital Challenge

Smart contracts are a fundamental component of many blockchain applications. These are self-executing contracts with the terms directly written into code. They enable automated transactions without intermediaries, which can greatly streamline processes. However, if not properly secured, smart contracts can become vulnerable to attacks. This is where’s expertise comes into play.

Understanding the Seed Funding

Recently, emerged from stealth mode with a significant boost—a whopping $8.2 million in seed funding. This financial backing was led by Blockchange Ventures and supported by other notable investors like Dispersion Capital, Symbolic Capital, Hypersphere Ventures, ICLUB, and TA Ventures. This substantial funding is a testament to the importance of’s mission and the trust investors have in its potential to shape the future of Web3 security.

The Growing Need for Enhanced Web3 Security

With the rapid growth of DeFi platforms and blockchain applications, the risks associated with cyber threats have also escalated. Hackers and cyber criminals are drawn to these platforms due to the potential for high financial gains. The decentralized nature of Web3 can make it an attractive playground for malicious actors. This is why’s emergence is so timely—it offers innovative solutions to counter these evolving threats.

How Works?

So, how does work its magic? At its core, utilizes cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and pattern matching to assess the security of smart contracts. When a new smart contract is deployed, assigns it a risk score based on various factors. This score helps determine the likelihood of the contract being targeted by malicious activity.

One of the biggest challenges in Web3 security is the speed at which malicious actors deploy new contracts and attempt to exploit vulnerabilities.’s real-time analysis provides a rapid response to this challenge. By evaluating transactions in real-time, can quickly detect and block potentially harmful actions, ensuring the integrity of the blockchain network.

Einaras Gravrock’s Vision: Going Beyond Traditional Security

Einaras Gravrock, the founder and CEO of, brings a wealth of experience in building security platforms for Web2 technologies. He recognizes that as technology evolves, so do the tactics employed by cyber criminals. Gravrock’s vision for goes beyond the conventional approach of manual code audits and post-attack alerts. Instead, he aims to create a proactive security system that stays one step ahead of potential threats.

A Guardian Angel for Your Contracts

Gravrock’s analogy of being a “guardian angel” for smart contracts is both intriguing and apt. Just as a guardian angel watches over and protects,’s real-time analysis acts as a safeguard for your digital assets. By promptly identifying and neutralizing threats, enables legitimate transactions to continue seamlessly, bolstering the confidence of users and investors in the Web3 ecosystem.

Looking Ahead:’s Impact on Web3 Security

The emergence of is a significant milestone in the world of Web3 security. Its innovative approach to real-time transaction analysis and proactive protection has the potential to reshape how we think about securing blockchain networks and smart contracts. As Web3 technologies continue to transform various industries, robust security measures like those offered by will play a vital role in ensuring the sustainability and trustworthiness of this new digital frontier.


In conclusion,’s journey from stealth mode to securing $8.2 million in seed funding showcases the growing importance of Web3 security. With the rise of decentralized finance and blockchain applications, the need for proactive protection has never been more crucial.’s application of machine learning, pattern matching, and real-time analysis presents a promising solution to the challenges of securing smart contracts. As we step into the future of Web3, stands as a guardian angel, watching over the integrity of our digital transactions.


What is and what problem does it address? is a cryptocurrency-focused security startup that specializes in safeguarding smart contracts and blockchain systems within the Web3 ecosystem. It addresses the escalating threat of cyber attacks on decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms and blockchain applications. With its innovative approach, aims to counter the vulnerabilities that hackers exploit, ensuring the integrity of digital transactions and investments.

How does’s real-time analysis work? utilizes advanced technologies such as machine learning and pattern matching to evaluate the security of newly deployed smart contracts. When a smart contract is launched, assigns it a risk score based on various factors. This score helps identify the likelihood of the contract being targeted by malicious actions. In a rapid-response setup,’s real-time analysis detects and blocks potentially harmful transactions, safeguarding the blockchain network from threats.

Who is Einaras Gravrock, and what is his vision for

Einaras Gravrock is the founder and CEO of With a background in building security platforms for Web2 technologies, he recognizes the evolving tactics employed by cyber criminals. Gravrock’s vision for goes beyond traditional security methods such as manual code audits and post-attack alerts. He aims to create a proactive security system that stays ahead of potential threats, functioning like a “guardian angel” for smart contracts. Gravrock’s expertise drives’s mission to reshape Web3 security and protect digital assets.

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