Trump NFTs are digital assets featuring former US President Donald Trump, ranging from caricatures to photographs

One popular collection is the "Trump Cards," featuring cartoon depictions of Trump and his allies, released by artist RYI in 2018.

Another collection, "Trump's Hair," features animated versions of Trump's signature hairstyle, released by artist extraordinaire Trevor Jones.

The "Donald J. Trump Collection" includes digital photographs of Trump and his family, sold by his campaign in 2020.

Other Trump NFTs include parodies and satirical takes on the former president, such as "Trumpy Cat" by artist Mad Dog Jones.

Trump NFTs have generated controversy and criticism, with some accusing them of promoting a divisive and harmful political figure.

Despite this, some Trump NFTs have sold for significant sums, with "Trump's Hair" selling for over $6 million at a Christie's auction.

Trump NFTs have also raised questions about the value and legitimacy of digital art, and the role of politics in the NFT market.

As the NFT market continues to evolve, it is possible that new and innovative collections of Trump NFTs will emerge, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with digital assets.

Whether you love or hate Trump, there is no denying that his image and legacy continue to be a polarizing force in the world of NFTs and beyond.