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Trump’s Indictment & The Controversial Trump NFTs

Trump's Indictment & the controversial trump NFTs

Donald Trump, the former president of the United States, has never failed to attract controversies. Be his controversial statements, social media battles, or his announcements on “Truth Social”, he always manages to hit the news headlines. After taking the internet by storm by launching Donald Trump’s NFT collection, he is now all over the news for being the first former American president for being indicted in a crime. Trump has been indicted by a Manhattan grand jury, prosecutors, and defense lawyers over hush money payments made to an adult film star. These charges might adversely impact his 2024 presidential election, on the other hand, the recent controversy has positively impacted the sales of the Trump NFT collection.

Impact of Trump’s Indictment on the Trump NFTs: 

The news of Donald Trump’s indictment has led to a surge in the prices of his NFT collection. The floor price of the NFTs has seen a significant increase of 26% in the past week, according to data from OpenSea. Moreover, the total number of sales has risen by double-digit percentages since the reports of the possible charges against the former president.

The Trump Digital Trading Cards are now selling for over 0.53 ether, or $929, as compared to 0.41 ether, or $719, just last week. The sudden price hike is believed to be driven by traders speculating on the NFTs gaining even more value as Trump faces potential legal troubles.

It’s worth noting that Trump’s NFTs have been in the news before, with their initial launch in December 2021 grabbing ample attention in the market. However, they fell flat in January 2022 after a short-lived hype, only to make a comeback recently.

While the NFT buyers were previously entered into sweepstakes to win a 20-minute meeting with Trump at Mar-a-Lago, the recent spike in prices is not related to any such promotional activity. Instead, it is a reflection of the traders’ expectations that Trump’s controversial image and media presence will continue to drive demand for his collectibles.

In conclusion, the news of Trump’s indictment has significantly impacted the prices of his NFT collection, leading to a surge in trading activity and a rise in the floor price. While it remains to be seen how the legal proceedings will unfold, it is clear that Trump’s influence on the market and the media is still a driving force behind his NFTs’ value.

What is Trump’s NFT collection?

Trump NFTs are a collection of non-fungible tokens featuring former US President Donald Trump in various guises, such as a superhero, astronaut, and Nascar driver. The collection was launched in December 2021, with 45,000 limited-edition cards available for purchase at $99 each. The NFTs quickly gained popularity and garnered widespread attention, with Trump himself promoting them as a great Christmas gift. However, the announcement was met with criticism and mockery, including from some Republicans. Despite the backlash, the NFTs sold out almost immediately. The growth story of Trump NFTs is remarkable, with their prices skyrocketing by double-digit percentages in just a week’s time. 

Are these Trump NFTs a new way of fundraising for Trump’s presidential campaigns? 

After many such social media speculations, Donald Trump reportedly denied any such intentions. He declared that the Trump digital card collection has nothing to do with any kind of political campaign. He also made this explicit that NFT INT LLC is not owned by the Trump organization or any of its affiliates. 

What made Trump’s NFT collection so popular?

The popularity of the Trump NFT collection can be attributed to several factors. First, it offered a unique opportunity for supporters of the former president to own a piece of digital memorabilia featuring him in various guises, from superhero to Nascar driver. Additionally, the low price point of $99 and automatic allocation of NFTs made it accessible to a wide audience, including first-time buyers and investors. The bespoke designs with minor color variations added an extra element of excitement, making it a must-have for many collectors. Moreover, the Trump brand itself played a significant role in attracting buyers, as the former president has a loyal fan base that is willing to purchase merchandise associated with him. Overall, the Trump NFT collection’s success can be attributed to its unique concept, low price point, and association with the former president.

What is the future prediction for Trump’s NFT collection? 

It is difficult to predict the future of the Trump NFT collection with certainty. However, the initial success of the collection and the continued interest in Trump as a public figure could potentially lead to further growth in the value of these NFTs. On the other hand, the controversy surrounding Trump and the potential for legal issues could also affect the value of the NFTs. Ultimately, the future of the Trump NFTs will depend on a variety of factors, including market trends, public opinion of Trump, and the ongoing legal issues surrounding his presidency. 

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