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Upvest Secures €30M in Funding and Partners with BlackRock 

Upvest Secures €30M in Funding by web3oclock

In recent news, Berlin-based startup Upvest has secured €30 million in funding and formed a promising partnership with global investment giant BlackRock. This collaboration aims to make investing more accessible to a broader audience across Europe. In this blog, we will explore Upvest’s mission, its recent funding news, and what this partnership with BlackRock means for the future of investing.

About Upvest

Upvest, founded in 2017 by a group of dedicated individuals, has a crystal-clear mission. They want to make investing as easy as spending money. Their user-friendly Investment API offers a wide range of investment options, like stocks and ETFs, in various forms. Think of it as a one-stop-shop for making your money work for you.

This means they’re all about making it a breeze for fintech companies to step into the investment market. They also team up with some of Europe’s biggest fintechs, helping them boost their digital investment infrastructure while keeping things simple and cost-effective.

The Funding of €30 million and Partnership with BlackRock 

Upvest’s recent funding round of €30 million involved a consortium of prominent investors, including BlackRock, Bessemer Venture Partners, HV Capital, Earlybird, Notion Capital, ABN Amro Ventures, and 10x Capital. The partnership with BlackRock, a global investment leader known for its investments in companies like IDnow, Flexe, and AlphaSense, is particularly noteworthy. This partnership will leverage BlackRock’s experience and resources to broaden Upvest’s services for larger financial institutions.

Upvest’s Mission

Upvest’s goal is to make investing a piece of cake for everyone. They’ve got licenses for all the securities and crypto stuff, plus partnerships with big names like BNP Securities and ABN Amro for things like custodial services and payments. So, they’re not just talking the talk; they’re walking the walk, ensuring everything is above board.


Upvest‘s recent funding success and partnership with BlackRock represent a significant leap in their mission to democratize investing. By offering a plug-and-play API that simplifies the investment process and working with industry giants like BlackRock, Upvest is making investing more accessible to a wider audience in Europe. As the investment landscape continues to evolve, this partnership promises to bring innovation, lower costs, and greater simplicity to the world of investing.


1. What is Upvest’s primary goal? 

Upvest’s primary goal is to make investing as easy as spending money by offering a user-friendly API and customized investment products, simplifying the investment process for both fintechs and their customers.

2. Who are the key investors in Upvest’s recent funding round? 

Notable investors in Upvest’s recent funding round include BlackRock, Bessemer Venture Partners, HV Capital, Earlybird, Notion Capital, ABN Amro Ventures, and 10x Capital.

3. How does Upvest’s partnership with BlackRock benefit European investors? 

Upvest’s partnership with BlackRock aims to drive innovation in how Europeans access markets, making investing more affordable and simpler. This collaboration will help increase investment adoption for millions of people and upgrade the investment offerings of various financial institutions.

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