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Triple-A Secures $10 Million in Funding

Triple-A Secures $10 Million in Funding by Web3O'clock

In recent updates, Triple-A, a company that helps with crypto payments, has exciting news to share. They’ve just revealed that they raised a significant amount of $10 million in funding during a Series A round. Peak XV took the lead in this investment. This marks a significant advancement for Triple-A, especially when you consider that just a year ago, they had raised $4 million with the support of Razer’s venture arm, zVentures. 

About Triple-A

Triple-A, founded in 2017 by Eric Barbier, is a Singapore-based company that specializes in offering crypto payment services to various businesses, including e-commerce merchants, retailers, game providers, and marketplaces. The primary aim of the company is to promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a mainstream means of conducting financial transactions. It’s worth noting that Eric Barbier, the company’s founder, had previously created Thunes, a cross-border payments platform valued at $900 million.

About the Funding

This recent funding round, led by Peak XV, is a substantial boost for Triple-A, bringing its total raised capital to an impressive $14 million. In addition to Peak XV, Shorooq Partners also participated in this round, signifying the growing interest and confidence in Triple-A’s mission. Moreover, TechCrunch reports that undisclosed existing investors also contributed to the funding.

The injection of $10 million in capital will be instrumental in Triple-A’s plans for expansion. The company is gearing up to broaden its services in key regions such as the Middle East, North America, and South America. Additionally, Triple-A has plans to introduce new tokens, enhancing its offerings in the crypto space. As of now, Triple-A operates with a dedicated team of over 70 employees across global offices in Miami, Hong Kong, Paris, and Barcelona.

Triple-A’s Impact on Crypto Adoption

Triple-A’s mission is to facilitate the integration of cryptocurrencies into the mainstream financial ecosystem. Their services are tailored to make it easier for e-commerce merchants, retailers, game providers, and marketplaces to accept crypto payments. This funding round will undoubtedly accelerate their efforts in achieving this goal. By making crypto transactions more accessible and widespread, Triple-A is contributing to the global adoption of digital currencies.


The recent $10 million funding secured by Triple-A is a promising sign of the growing interest in crypto adoption. This influx of capital will enable the company to expand its services and make cryptocurrency more accessible to a broader audience. As we move forward, Triple-A’s efforts are expected to play a pivotal role in driving the adoption of cryptocurrencies in various parts of the world.


What is Triple-A, and what do they do?

Triple-A is a crypto payment provider that offers services to e-commerce merchants, retailers, game providers, and marketplaces. Their mission is to make it easier for businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments and promote the adoption of digital currencies in mainstream transactions.

Who led the recent funding round for Triple-A?

The recent $10 million funding round was led by Peak XV, with participation from Shorooq Partners and undisclosed existing investors.

What are Triple-A’s expansion plans with the new funding?

With the additional capital, Triple-A plans to expand its services in the Middle East, North America, and South America. They also intend to introduce new tokens, enhancing their offerings in the crypto space. This expansion is expected to make cryptocurrency transactions more accessible and widespread.

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