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Top 10 GameFi Crypto to Invest in 2023

Top 10 GameFi Crypto by web3oclock

The convergence of gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi), known as GameFi, has captured the attention of both gaming enthusiasts and crypto investors. This new paradigm offers gamers the opportunity to earn rewards and generate income while enjoying their favorite games. As GameFi continues to gain momentum, here are the top 10 GameFi cryptocurrencies to consider investing in 2023.

1. Metacade (MCADE)

Metacade aims to build the world’s largest play-to-earn arcade, revolutionizing the GameFi space. With an extensive rewards system that caters to casual and competitive gamers, Metacade also incentivizes non-gaming activities such as writing reviews and sharing alpha. The project’s presale has already raised an impressive $12.7 million, reflecting its strong market appeal.

2. AltSignals

While not a GameFi project in the traditional sense, AltSignals offers high-quality trading signals that can benefit the entire crypto space. With its AltAlgo™ product and cutting-edge machine learning technology, AltSignals has garnered a significant user base and success rate. Its expansion into ActualizeAI makes it a compelling investment opportunity.

3. Decentraland

Decentraland is a virtual world powered by blockchain technology, allowing users to create, experience, and monetize in-game assets. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, it offers decentralized ownership and control of virtual land and assets through non-fungible tokens. Decentraland provides a unique and immersive platform for users to interact, making it an attractive GameFi investment.

4. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based game where players can breed, battle, and trade digital creatures called Axies. The play-to-earn model and governance token system have made it immensely popular in the GameFi space. Its strong community and growing user base position Axie Infinity as a promising investment choice.

5. Illuvium

Illuvium is a decentralized game built on Ethereum that rewards players for in-game actions. With a diverse range of collectible creatures and a player-driven economy, Illuvium offers complete asset control and the potential for asset value appreciation over time. Its unique gameplay mechanics and decentralized nature make it an intriguing GameFi investment.

6. Enjin Coin

Enjin Coin is a blockchain platform that enables the creation and integration of virtual goods into GameFi games and applications. With its NFT marketplace and user-friendly tools, Enjin empowers developers to incorporate non-fungible tokens seamlessly. By facilitating the integration of NFTs into blockchain games, Enjin Coin plays a vital role in the GameFi ecosystem.

7. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a blockchain-based virtual gaming platform that allows players to create, share, and monetize their own gaming experiences. With its NFT-based assets and game creation tool, The Sandbox has gained popularity among GameFi enthusiasts. Its decentralized marketplace and emphasis on user-generated content make it an intriguing investment opportunity.

8. ApeCoin

ApeCoin is the utility and governance token of the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem. With a wide range of use cases and a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governing its development, ApeCoin offers opportunities for value creation and community participation. The APE ecosystem’s integration of digital economies with real-world events adds an interesting dimension to GameFi investing.

9. Yield Guild Games (YGG)

Yield Guild Games is a decentralized autonomous organization that operates across multiple play-to-earn GameFi projects. YGG provides a unique way for players to collectively engage in play-to-earn games, with rented community-owned NFT assets enabling income generation. YGG’s inclusive approach and income-generating potential make it an attractive investment choice.

10. My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice stands out among blockchain games by appealing to both crypto and non-crypto users. With its immersive gameplay and narrative-driven monetization options, it introduces traditional gamers to the world of crypto. The ALICE token and extensive use of NFTs add depth and customization to the game, making it an intriguing GameFi investment.


The GameFi sector is experiencing rapid growth and offers exciting opportunities for both gamers and crypto investors. The top 10 GameFi cryptocurrencies discussed in this article represent diverse projects that are pushing the boundaries of gaming and decentralized finance. As always, it’s essential to conduct thorough research and assess your risk tolerance before making any investment decisions in the GameFi space.


What is GameFi?

GameFi, short for Game Finance, is the convergence of gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi). It refers to blockchain-based games or platforms that incorporate elements of play-to-earn models, where players can earn cryptocurrency rewards and generate income through in-game activities, asset ownership, and participation in the gaming ecosystem.

How do GameFi cryptocurrencies work?

GameFi cryptocurrencies are typically used within the respective game or platform ecosystem. They can be earned by participating in gameplay, completing tasks, or owning valuable in-game assets. These cryptocurrencies often have utility within the game, such as purchasing items, upgrading characters, or participating in governance decisions. Some GameFi cryptocurrencies may also be tradable on cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing users to convert them into other digital assets or traditional currencies.

What are the benefits of investing in GameFi cryptocurrencies?

Investing in GameFi cryptocurrencies can provide several potential benefits. Firstly, there is the potential for capital appreciation if the game or platform gains popularity and the value of the associated cryptocurrency increases. Secondly, by owning and utilizing in-game assets, players can earn rewards or generate income, effectively monetizing their gaming experience. Additionally, some GameFi cryptocurrencies offer governance rights, allowing token holders to participate in decision-making processes regarding the development and future of the game or platform.

Are GameFi cryptocurrencies risky investments?

As with any investment, there are risks associated with GameFi cryptocurrencies. The value of these cryptocurrencies can be highly volatile, influenced by factors such as market sentiment, demand for in-game assets, and the success of the underlying game or platform. Additionally, investing in GameFi requires understanding and evaluating the project’s fundamentals, including the development team, the game’s concept, adoption potential, and competitive landscape. It’s important to conduct thorough research and consider the inherent risks before investing in any GameFi cryptocurrency.

How can I get started with GameFi investments?

To get started with GameFi investments, you can follow these steps:

Research: Learn about different GameFi projects, their concepts, development teams, and community engagement.

Wallet and Exchange: Set up a cryptocurrency wallet to securely store your digital assets and choose a reputable cryptocurrency exchange to buy and trade GameFi cryptocurrencies.

Due Diligence: Evaluate the project’s whitepaper, roadmap, and community discussions to understand its potential and risks.

Start Small: Begin with a small investment to familiarize yourself with the GameFi space and mitigate potential risks.

Monitor and Diversify: Regularly monitor the performance of your investments, stay updated with project developments, and consider diversifying your portfolio across multiple GameFi projects to spread risk.

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