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TON Secures Major Investment from MEXC to Transform Telegram into a Web3 Super-App

TON Secures Major Investment by web3oclock

In recent news, TON, initially designed by Telegram, has just received an impressive eight-figure investment from MEXC Ventures, the venture arm of the cryptocurrency exchange MEXC. This partnership aims to make Telegram a Web3 super-app by lowering entry barriers and promoting global Web3 accessibility. Let’s explore this significant development in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

What is TON and Why Does it Matter for Telegram’s Web3 Journey?

TON, or the Open Network, is a decentralized blockchain platform developed by Telegram. It plays a crucial role in Telegram’s ambitions to become a Web3 super-app. Web3 represents the next evolution of the internet, focusing on decentralization, user ownership, and increased privacy. TON’s funding from MEXC Ventures is a big step towards achieving this goal.

A Strategic Partnership for Global Web3 Accessibility

The partnership between MEXC and the TON Foundation is more than just an investment. The MEXC cryptocurrency exchange is going to help TON-based projects that are listed on its platform by promoting and marketing them. They also have a plan to offer a service where you can use TON as collateral for loans. Plus, they’re going to let people trade TON without any fees, which makes it easier for users to get involved with TON.

Support for TON-Based Mini Apps and Projects

MEXC Ventures will continue to support TON-based mini apps and projects, further expanding the Web3 ecosystem. Some of these projects include Megaton Finance, TONPlay, Fanzee, and Sonet. Additionally, discussions are underway for potential funding for a crypto wallet on Telegram, making cryptocurrency as simple as texting.

Increasing Web3 Adoption within Telegram

The TON Foundation, with the support of MEXC Ventures, aims to boost the adoption of Web3 within the Telegram messenger. They want to make blockchain technology convenient and easy to use for everyone, regardless of their knowledge of the blockchain world. Imagine accessing cryptocurrencies as easily as sending a text message.

TON Wallet Integration in Telegram

In mid-September, Telegram integrated the TON Wallet as a mini-app within the messenger. This integration allows users to access cryptocurrencies like Toncoin (TON), Bitcoin (BTC), and Tether (USDT) directly from the app’s interface. It’s important to note that the TON technology has been developed by the open-source community, emphasizing that TON Wallet is a third-party app.

A Look into MEXC Ventures and Its Credentials

MEXC Ventures is like a company that gives money to support TON. It’s part of a bigger company called MEXC, which deals with cryptocurrencies. MEXC started in 2018 and is based in Seychelles. They say they can operate in Australia, Estonia, and the United States and help people from 200 different countries trade cryptocurrencies. But some people who use cryptocurrencies have had problems with MEXC. They say you should be careful because MEXC doesn’t always check who you are before you trade, which could be risky.


In conclusion, the funding and strategic partnership between TON and MEXC Ventures are significant steps towards transforming Telegram into a Web3 super-app. With increased accessibility and support for TON-based projects, the vision of making cryptocurrencies as easy as texting becomes closer to reality. Keep an eye on Telegram’s evolution in the Web3 space, as it promises exciting developments in the world of blockchain technology.


Are there any specific TON-based projects that will receive support from MEXC Ventures? 

Yes, MEXC Ventures will continue to support existing TON-based projects like Megaton Finance, TONPlay, Fanzee, and Sonet. Additionally, there are discussions about potential funding for a crypto wallet on Telegram.

How will TON bring the Web3 ecosystem to Telegram? 

TON aims to make the Web3 ecosystem accessible within the Telegram messenger. Their goal is to ensure that the technology is user-friendly, even for individuals who may not have much knowledge about blockchain. With TON integrated into Telegram, interacting with cryptocurrencies will become as easy as sending a text message.

What is the TON Wallet, and how is it integrated into Telegram? 

The TON Wallet is a mini-app integrated into Telegram, allowing users to access various cryptocurrencies directly from the app’s interface. It’s important to note that TON Wallet is developed by the open-source community and is considered a third-party app.

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