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SphereX Raises $8.2M to Safeguard Web3

SphereX Raises $8.2M to Safeguard Web3 by web3oclock

In a significant development for the world of Web3 and decentralized applications (dapps), SphereX, a pioneering web security company, has recently secured $8.2 million in seed funding and unveiled its cutting-edge security solution, SphereX Protect. This funding and innovative technology are set to redefine the landscape of smart contract security, ensuring the integrity and trustworthiness of digital transactions on blockchain platforms.

The Need for Enhanced Smart Contract Security

Blockchain technology has unlocked countless possibilities, and its implementation in the form of smart contracts has transformed the way agreements are made and executed digitally. However, with these opportunities come challenges, and one of the most pressing concerns has been the security of these smart contracts. Billions of dollars have been lost due to exploited vulnerabilities in smart contracts, causing financial havoc and raising questions about the reliability of decentralized applications.

SphereX: A Beacon of Trust in Web3

Enter SphereX, a trailblazing company specializing in security solutions for smart contracts within the Web3 ecosystem. Backed by a team of experts in the fields of cyber security, blockchain, and machine learning, SphereX has emerged as a beacon of trust, offering a robust solution to mitigate risks associated with smart contract vulnerabilities.

The recently acquired $8.2 million seed funding, supported by investors like Aleph, Pillar VC, Fabric Ventures, and Mensch Capital Partners, provides SphereX with the resources needed to further develop and enhance their security solutions. Let’s delve into how SphereX is revolutionizing the field of smart contract security.

SphereX Protect: A Game-Changing Security Solution

SphereX Protect is a revolutionary security solution that integrates seamlessly as an on-chain security module into smart contracts. This innovative approach acts as a barrier against hackers attempting to exploit vulnerabilities within the code. Unlike traditional security measures that require pausing the contract or implementing circuit breakers, SphereX Protect ensures the normal functioning of the contract while thwarting malicious activities.

The concept of composability and anti-censorship is at the core of SphereX’s approach. This means that their solution provides continuous and verifiable defense without compromising the principles of decentralization, a fundamental aspect of blockchain technology.

A New Era of Trust and Continuity

What sets SphereX apart is its commitment to enabling business continuity even in the face of cyber attacks. The security solution they offer empowers protocol owners to establish highly secure protocols, thereby fostering trust among users. Regardless of the level of decentralization chosen, SphereX Protect ensures that users’ funds and access remain secure. This marks a significant departure from past practices, where malicious attacks often led to disruptions and loss of funds.

Backed by Rigorous Testing

One of the most impressive aspects of SphereX Protect is its rigorous testing and back-testing against historical attacks. The solution has demonstrated its efficacy by automatically blocking a majority of attacks while maintaining optimal gas efficiency and minimizing false positives. Even in scenarios involving single transaction attacks, SphereX Protect has proven its ability to safeguard against potential breaches.

CEO Eyal Meron’s Vision

Eyal Meron, the CEO of SphereX, articulates the essence of their mission succinctly. He emphasizes that for the potential of Web3 to be fully realized, users must have confidence in the security and resilience of the system. He points out that the current security landscape is inadequate, and hacking into smart contracts remains an attractive prospect for malicious actors. SphereX’s mission is to disrupt this equation by introducing an innovative, effective, and robust layer of protection that inspires trust.

CTO Oren Fine’s Insight

Oren Fine, the CTO of SphereX, highlights the unique proposition they offer to dapp developers. He stresses that SphereX is the only solution that empowers dapps to gain users’ trust by providing security that ensures business continuity even under attack. This assurance is particularly relevant as dapps continue to evolve and cater to a growing user base.


The announcement of SphereX’s $8.2 million seed funding and the launch of SphereX Protect signifies a significant leap forward in smart contract security within the Web3 ecosystem. With a visionary team dedicated to bridging the gap between trust and technology, SphereX is poised to redefine the narrative surrounding smart contract vulnerabilities. As the blockchain landscape evolves, the availability of such innovative security solutions is not just reassuring for users, but also essential for the broader adoption of Web3 technologies.


What is SphereX and how does it contribute to smart contract security?

SphereX is a pioneering web security company specializing in smart contract security within the Web3 ecosystem. It offers SphereX Protect, an innovative security solution that integrates as an on-chain security module into smart contracts. This technology acts as a protective barrier against hackers aiming to exploit vulnerabilities in the contract’s code. Unlike traditional security measures that might disrupt contract operations, SphereX Protect ensures seamless contract functionality while preventing malicious activities. It adheres to the principles of decentralization, offering continuous and verifiable defense against cyber threats.

How does SphereX Protect ensure business continuity in the event of a cyber attack?

SphereX Protect is designed to empower protocol owners and decentralized application (dapp) developers to maintain business continuity even when faced with cyber attacks. This security solution ensures that dapps can continue to operate and serve users, regardless of potential malicious activities. Unlike past practices that often led to disruptions and fund losses, SphereX Protect allows dapps to function without pausing the contract or implementing circuit breakers. This empowers protocol owners to establish highly secure protocols that inspire users’ trust, making SphereX Protect a crucial component in fostering user confidence in Web3 applications.

What sets SphereX Protect apart from other smart contract security solutions?

SphereX Protect stands out due to its comprehensive approach to smart contract security. Unlike some security solutions that require pausing contracts or introducing circuit breakers, SphereX Protect seamlessly integrates into smart contracts while allowing uninterrupted operations. It offers a balance between security and decentralization, ensuring that users’ funds and access remain secure even under attack. Furthermore, SphereX Protect’s effectiveness is backed by rigorous testing and historical attack simulations, demonstrating its ability to block a majority of attacks while maintaining optimal gas efficiency and minimizing false positives. This makes SphereX Protect a reliable and innovative solution that addresses the vulnerabilities associated with smart contracts.

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