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Saudi Mega-Project Commits $50M Investment in Web3 Gaming Company Animoca

Saudi Mega-Project Commits $50M Investment by web3oclock

Saudi Arabia’s NEOM initiative is making a significant $50 million investment in the Web3 gaming and investment company, Animoca Brands. This collaboration aims to support the growth of Web3 projects and aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 strategy, focusing on technological advancement. In this blog, we’ll explore this partnership, the company behind it, and its potential impact.

About Animoca Brands 

Animoca Brands is a company involved in the Web3 gaming and investment industry. They were previously listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) but were delisted in 2020 due to compliance issues. Despite this, their shares continue to trade on the secondary market. While they have not revealed specific details about their collaboration with NEOM, the partnership aims to develop Web3 business services for global use, emphasizing technological growth in Riyadh and the NEOM area.

About the Funding 

NEOM’s investment branch wants to put $50 million into Animoca Brands. They’ll do this in two ways:

  1. Half of the money will be given as a loan that can turn into company shares. They can convert this loan into shares, but the highest price they can convert at is $4.50 in Australian dollars for each share.
  2. The other half of the money will be used to buy Animoca shares from people who already have them.

But, the loan part will only happen if certain conditions are met. NEOM is doing this to support and encourage new technology (Web3) and sustainable development. They want to be a place where these ideas can grow.

What NEOM Represents

NEOM is a visionary initiative launched by Saudi Arabia, situated in the northwestern part of the country. It aspires to create a new-model international city and economic zone, emphasizing innovation, technology, and sustainable development. NEOM seeks to diversify Saudi Arabia’s economy away from its traditional reliance on oil. This investment aligns with NEOM’s vision of being at the forefront of technological innovation and transforming the way we live and work.


The collaboration between NEOM and Animoca Brands holds the promise of pushing forward the Web3 ecosystem and fostering innovation in Saudi Arabia’s economic hub. As NEOM evolves into a leader in technological advancement, this partnership with Animoca Brands could pave the way for blockchain’s integration into the region.


Why is NEOM investing in Web3 initiatives? 

NEOM is investing in Web3 initiatives to align with its vision of becoming a hub for innovation and technology. By fostering Web3 projects, they aim to diversify Saudi Arabia’s economy and stay at the forefront of technological advancement.

How will this partnership impact the gaming industry? 

While specific details about the partnership’s impact are yet to be disclosed, it could lead to the development of innovative Web3 gaming solutions, offering new opportunities and experiences for gamers globally. The integration of blockchain technology could bring transparency, security, and unique features to the gaming industry.

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