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Rated Labs Secures $13M to Boost Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana Growth

Rated Labs Secures $13M by web3oclock

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, there’s a new player in town making significant waves. Rated Labs, an Ethereum-focused crypto startup, recently secured a substantial $13 million in funding to fuel its expansion into exciting new territories. So, what exactly is Rated Labs, and why should you care about this development? Let’s break it down in simple terms.

What is Rated Labs?

Rated Labs is a crypto startup with a keen focus on Ethereum. But it’s not just any Ethereum-related company. They offer something critical to the crypto ecosystem: infrastructure datasets. These datasets include valuable information like data API, oracle, and support, which are essential for understanding the health and performance of Ethereum’s validator set.

The Fundraising Feat

Rated Labs’ recent funding success is nothing short of impressive. They managed to secure a whopping $13 million in a Series A funding round, primarily led by the crypto venture firm Archetype, along with contributions from other seed investors. This substantial investment speaks volumes about the confidence investors have in Rated Labs and its potential.

What’s the Plan?

With a substantial injection of funds, Rated Labs has ambitious plans for the future. One of their main goals is to expand into Layer 2 networks. But what are Layer 2 networks? Think of them as a way to enhance the capabilities of existing blockchain networks like Ethereum. They help solve some of the scalability and cost issues that have been plaguing the crypto world.

Rated Labs also has its sights set on other Layer 1 blockchain networks, including Polygon, Solana, Cosmos, and Polkadot, in 2024. This expansion into multiple blockchain ecosystems is a significant move that could position Rated Labs as a key player in the crypto infrastructure landscape.

Why Does Rated Labs Matter?

Now, you might be wondering why this news matters to you, especially if you’re not knee-deep in the crypto world. Well, Rated Labs’ infrastructure datasets serve a vital role in the crypto ecosystem. They enable Ethereum developers and node operators to build various tools and products for reporting, monitoring, and benchmarking.

Additionally, Rated Labs’ oracle provides a gateway for curated data to enter the Ethereum mainnet. This curated data is crucial for making informed decisions in the world of cryptocurrencies, which can be incredibly volatile. In essence, Rated Labs plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation and reliability of blockchain networks.

What’s on the Horizon for Rated Labs?

Rated Labs isn’t resting on its laurels after this successful funding round. According to Elias Simos, the CEO of Rated Labs, they have plans to further enhance their explorer and API with new features and real-time functionality for all the networks they support. This commitment to continuous improvement bodes well for the future of the crypto infrastructure they provide.

Looking ahead, Rated Labs also sees itself playing a similar role in decentralized sequencer sets in Layer 2 networks. This means they aim to be at the forefront of innovation in blockchain technology, which is a space that continues to evolve rapidly.

A Glimpse into the Crypto Fundraising Landscape

The success of Rated Labs in raising $13 million is not an isolated incident in the crypto world. Cryptocurrency startups are attracting substantial investment from venture capitalists and other investors. Just in the week leading up to Rated Labs’ funding announcement, 11 crypto startups collectively raised an impressive $115.5 million.

One particular area of interest is gaming within the crypto space. Proof of Play, an on-chain game studio, secured a remarkable $33 million in seed funding during the same week. This highlights the growing importance of blockchain technology in the gaming industry and the vast potential it holds.

Furthermore, the overall crypto fundraising landscape is looking quite appealing. In August, venture capitalists invested a staggering $819 million across 91 crypto and blockchain companies. This marked a significant increase from the $542.8 million raised in July. Notable rounds include $400 million for the Shariah-compliant digital asset exchange Haqqex and $100 million for crypto custodian BitGo.


Rated Labs’ recent funding success is not just a story for crypto enthusiasts; it’s a significant development with far-reaching implications. This startup’s dedication to providing crucial infrastructure datasets for Ethereum and its expansion into other blockchain ecosystems shows the growing importance of crypto infrastructure in the broader digital landscape. As the crypto world continues to evolve, keep an eye on Rated Labs and their role in shaping the future of blockchain technology.


What is Rated Labs, and what do they do?

Rated Labs is a crypto startup that specializes in providing infrastructure datasets for Ethereum and other blockchain networks. These datasets include data API, oracle, and support, which are essential for monitoring and understanding the health and performance of blockchain validator sets. They play a critical role in ensuring the reliability and smooth operation of blockchain networks.

Why is Rated Labs’ $13 million funding significant?

Rated Labs’ recent $13 million funding round is significant because it demonstrates strong investor confidence in the company’s mission and potential. This funding will enable Rated Labs to expand into Layer 2 networks and other blockchain ecosystems, positioning them as a key player in the crypto infrastructure space. It also highlights the broader trend of increasing investment in cryptocurrency startups, indicating the growing importance of blockchain technology in various industries.

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