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Proof of Play Raises $33 Million for Web3 Games

Proof of Play Raises $33 Million by web3oclock

In a groundbreaking move, Proof of Play, a company spearheaded by Amitt Mahajan, one of the creators of the iconic Farmville game, recently secured $33 million in funding for its mission to revolutionize Web3 games. With a vision to offer players immersive experiences without the complexities of blockchain, Proof of Play is set to make gaming more accessible and decentralized. This blog explores this exciting development and its potential impact on the world of online gaming.

The Vision Behind Proof of Play

Proof of Play envisions a future where Web3 games are not only fun but also user-friendly, eliminating the steep learning curve typically associated with blockchain technology. The company is founded on the belief that gaming should be about enjoyment rather than grappling with unfamiliar tech jargon.

What Sets Proof of Play Apart

One of the key differentiators of Proof of Play is its commitment to overcoming common roadblocks that players face when attempting to enter the world of Web3 gaming. The company boasts a range of technological and product innovations designed to rapidly immerse players in entertaining gameplay. This means you can jump right into the action without needing to understand the intricacies of blockchain technology.

Decentralization at the Core

Proof of Play’s dedication to decentralization is another remarkable aspect of its mission. Their flagship game, Pirate Nation, is a “Forever Game” that operates without relying on external servers or creator intervention. This not only ensures the game’s sustainability but also exemplifies Proof of Play’s commitment to true decentralization. In the future, the company plans to open-source its technology framework, further advancing the cause of decentralization in the gaming industry.

Investment Backing and Industry Support

Proof of Play’s $33 million funding round was co-led by industry heavyweights Chris Dixon of Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and Neil Mehta of Greenoaks. Renowned investors like Naval Ravikant and Balaji Srinivasan joined forces with the founders of streaming giant Twitch to support this exciting venture. Additionally, Web3 firms Anchorage Digital, Mercury, Firebase, Zynga, and Alchemy demonstrated their belief in Proof of Play’s mission by participating in the funding round.

A Glimpse into Pirate Nation

Proof of Play made waves in December 2022 when it released the closed beta of its first Web3 game, Pirate Nation. This game serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering enjoyable gameplay without the need for extensive blockchain knowledge. Players can dive into Pirate Nation and experience the magic of Web3 gaming firsthand.

A Team with Impressive Credentials

The Proof of Play team comprises talented individuals with backgrounds in major gaming and web companies like Epic Games, Zynga, EA, Activision, and Google. This wealth of experience positions them well to tackle the challenges of the Web3 gaming space and create a seamless gaming experience for players.

The Web3 Gaming Revolution

The funding secured by Proof of Play is just one example of the multimillion-dollar investments pouring into the Web3 gaming sector in 2023. This trend highlights the growing importance of Web3 games in the digital landscape. EVE Online developer CCP Games raised $40 million in March for the development of a new EVE game, while Hyperplay secured $12 million in June to further enhance its distribution platform and compete with industry giants like Steam.


Proof of Play’s $33 million funding round is a significant milestone in the journey towards making Web3 gaming more accessible, enjoyable, and decentralized. With Pirate Nation as their flagship game and a strong commitment to user-friendly experiences, Proof of Play is poised to shape the future of Web3 gaming. As the gaming industry continues to embrace the Web3 revolution, we can expect more exciting developments and innovations that will redefine how we play and interact in virtual worlds. Stay tuned for what promises to be an exciting chapter in the world of online gaming.


1. What is Proof of Play? 

Proof of Play is a company founded by Amitt Mahajan, co-creator of Farmville, with a mission to create Web3 games that are user-friendly and immersive. They recently raised $33 million in funding to support their vision.

2. What sets Proof of Play apart from other Web3 game developers? 

Proof of Play stands out by focusing on eliminating the complexities associated with blockchain technology, allowing players to quickly engage in fun gameplay. They are also committed to decentralization, ensuring their games can run without external servers or creator intervention.

3. What is Pirate Nation, and how can I play it? 

Pirate Nation is Proof of Play’s flagship Web3 game. It was released as a closed beta in December 2022. To play Pirate Nation and experience the excitement of Web3 gaming, keep an eye out for announcements on Proof of Play’s website and social media channels for open access or future release details.

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