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Pixis Raises $85 Million in Series C1 Funding Round

Pixis Raises $85 Million by web3oclock

In the fast-evolving world of technology and artificial intelligence, Pixis, a pioneering codeless AI infrastructure company, is making headlines once again. Recently, the company secured an impressive $85 million in its series C1 funding round, led by Touring Capital. This funding catapults Pixis’ total capital raised to an astounding $209 million, showcasing its immense potential and influence in the marketing technology landscape.

The Powerhouse Behind the Funding: Touring Capital

Touring Capital, a venture capital firm established in 2023, takes center stage as the driving force behind Pixis’ latest financial milestone. Specializing in early-stage, AI-driven SaaS companies on a global scale, Touring Capital stands committed to empowering businesses across various sectors with transformative AI solutions. Their investment in Pixis underscores the profound belief in AI’s capacity to revolutionize enterprise software use cases.

An Impressive Lineup of Investors

Joining Touring Capital in this exciting journey are a mix of new and existing investors, including Grupo Carso, General Atlantic, Celesta Capital, and Chiratae Ventures. Their collective support demonstrates unwavering confidence in Pixis’ vision and potential to reshape the marketing landscape through codeless AI infrastructure.

Pixis: A Beacon of Innovation

Founded on the core principle of accessibility, Pixis empowers growth marketing with its innovative suite of AI tools. The platform includes features like precise targeting, real-time performance optimization, and the groundbreaking generative AI capabilities. Since its inception, Pixis has been on an impressive growth trajectory, becoming the preferred choice for over 200 global brands, including industry giants like DHL, Carsome, JOE & THE JUICE, Kavak, and HDFC Bank.

Generative AI: A Game-Changer

One of Pixis’ most recent achievements is the launch of its creative studio, equipped with AI capabilities that allow brands to effortlessly generate photorealistic creative assets, 3D images, and videos using simple text prompts. This creative studio seamlessly integrates with Pixis’ marketing campaign optimization features, streamlining the process and infusing contextual campaign data into the creative asset generation.

Shubham A. Mishra, Co-Founder and CEO of Pixis, expressed his enthusiasm about this development, saying, “This is shaping up to be an exciting year for Pixis as we welcome Touring Capital as investors; the Touring team has been important thought partners over the years, and we are delighted to announce our new partnership.” He further emphasized Pixis’ commitment to strengthening channel partnerships and enhancing research and development efforts with the newly acquired capital.

A Year of Milestones

In 2023, Pixis achieved several significant milestones, showcasing its continuous commitment to innovation. The company successfully developed 200 AI models, effectively beta-tested its generative AI-powered creative studio, and launched products designed for cross-platform growth marketing. Furthermore, Pixis initiated live deployments of its AI-powered solutions tailored for B2B companies, solidifying its position as a leader in AI infrastructure.

Codeless AI: Redefining Marketing

Pixis‘ codeless AI infrastructure is a game-changer for marketers. With over 200 proprietary AI models, Pixis offers marketers a plug-and-play solution that covers everything from campaign optimization to creative asset generation. The best part? Users can harness the full potential of AI without the need to write a single line of code, making it accessible to marketing professionals of all skill levels.


In conclusion, Pixis’ recent funding success is a testament to its innovative prowess and commitment to revolutionizing marketing through accessible AI technology. With Touring Capital and a group of esteemed investors by its side, Pixis is well-positioned to expand its AI capabilities, reach new heights in global markets, and continue pioneering the future of marketing technology. This milestone marks an exciting chapter in Pixis’ journey to empower marketers with the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive digital landscape. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking developments from this trailblazing company!


1. What is Pixis, and what does it do with codeless AI infrastructure?

Pixis is an innovative AI infrastructure company specializing in marketing. It provides a codeless AI platform that empowers marketers with a wide range of AI-driven tools and capabilities. These tools include precise targeting, real-time performance optimization, and cutting-edge generative AI technology. Essentially, Pixis enables marketers to enhance their marketing strategies without the need for coding skills. It simplifies complex AI processes, making them accessible to marketing professionals of all levels.

2. Who are some of the notable investors in Pixis’ series C1 funding round?

Pixis’ series C1 funding round attracted investments from a diverse group of investors. Notable participants in the funding round include Grupo Carso, General Atlantic, Celesta Capital, and Chiratae Ventures. These investors, along with the lead investor Touring Capital, represent a mix of established venture capital firms and industry leaders who recognize Pixis’ potential in the AI-driven marketing space.

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