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Pimlico Raises $1.6 Million to Revolutionize Ethereum with Smart Accounts

Pimlico Raises $1.6 Million by web3oclock

In a recent milestone achievement, Pimlico, a pioneering blockchain project, has secured $1.6 million in Pre-Seed Funding. Led by the well-known venture capital firm 1confirmation, this funding round also witnessed the participation of prominent backers like Safe and Consensys, alongside support from over ten influential angel investors.

But what exactly does this mean for the world of blockchain and Ethereum? Let’s break it down.

Pimlico’s Vision: Simplifying Smart Accounts

First, we need to understand the backdrop. Ethereum, the blockchain that revolutionized the crypto world in 2015, operates on a system where user accounts are controlled by a single private key. This necessitates users to securely store and manage these private keys, which can be quite cumbersome and daunting.

Enter Pimlico, with a vision to simplify this process and pave the way for a more user-friendly future. They aim to develop the next generation of smart accounts, which come with customizable logic. These smart accounts introduce features like gas sponsorship, ERC-20 token gas payments, multi-signature schemes, social recovery, and spending limits. In essence, Pimlico seeks to address the limitations of traditional private key-based accounts, making them more accessible and secure.

ERC-4337: A Pivotal Proposal

The pace of innovation in the smart account space has skyrocketed with the introduction of ERC-4337, a significant proposal co-authored by influential figures including Vitalik Buterin, Yoav Weiss, Dror Tirosh, and Kristof Gazso, the founder of Pimlico.

This proposal sets a comprehensive standard that empowers smart account providers to build on top of it. This means they can utilize services like those offered by Pimlico, eliminating the need to construct the entire logic and infrastructure from scratch. It’s a game-changer that reduces redundancy in the blockchain development process.

Pimlico’s Three-Pronged Approach

Pimlico has already revealed a suite of three products that demonstrate its potential impact:

  • Bundlers: These ensure reliable and rapid relay of smart account transactions on-chain, improving the efficiency of the blockchain.
  • Verifying Paymasters: Acting as gas sponsorship modules, they make it easier for developers to sponsor fees for their users across multiple chains. This simplifies the transaction process and encourages more developers to participate.
  • ERC-20 Paymasters: These grant developers the ability to allow users to pay transaction fees using popular ERC-20 tokens like USDC and DAI, making transactions more versatile and accessible.
Investor Confidence in Pimlico

Investors really believe in Pimlico’s power to make more people use blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Richard Chen, who works with 1confirmation, said Pimlico’s mission is perfect for the times. Lukas Schor from Safe liked how technical Pimlico is because it matches what Safe wants to do with smart accounts. Nick Tomaino, also from 1confirmation, praised how Pimlico cares about making things easy for users and giving them control.

The Road Ahead for Pimlico

With this substantial funding injection, Pimlico’s ambitious roadmap is set to accelerate. The team is dedicated to scaling the platform and facilitating Ethereum’s transition to smart accounts with a lean yet highly proficient team.

As Pimlico surges forward, it is poised to make significant waves in the blockchain industry. By fundamentally transforming the way users interact with and manage their accounts, the project’s focus on enhancing usability and security is expected to pave the way for widespread adoption and a more seamless experience in the world of cryptocurrency.


In conclusion, Pimlico’s Pre-Seed Funding is not just a financial boost; it’s a catalyst for innovation in the blockchain space. With a clear vision, influential backers, and a commitment to improving user experiences, Pimlico is on track to reshape the future of Ethereum and smart accounts for the better. Watch out for the waves it will make in the crypto world!


1. What is Pimlico’s primary goal with its smart account infrastructure?

Pimlico aims to simplify blockchain transactions and enhance security by introducing smart accounts with customizable logic, making it easier for users to manage their accounts while addressing the limitations of traditional private key-based accounts.

2. How does ERC-4337 impact the blockchain development landscape?

ERC-4337, co-authored by influential figures including Vitalik Buterin, sets a comprehensive standard for smart account providers. It empowers them to build on top of it, reducing redundancy in development efforts and making it easier to create innovative solutions like those offered by Pimlico.

3. Why are investors excited about Pimlico’s future?

Investors, including 1confirmation and Safe, have expressed confidence in Pimlico’s potential to drive blockchain and crypto adoption. They appreciate Pimlico’s dedication to enhancing user experiences while retaining user control, which addresses critical challenges within the crypto sphere and aligns with the industry’s evolving needs.

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