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Perfios Secures $229 Million for Real-Time Credit Underwriting Solutions

Perfios Secures $229 Million by web3oclock

Perfios, an Indian fintech firm specializing in real-time credit underwriting solutions for banks and non-banking financial institutions, has recently concluded a successful Series D funding round, raising an impressive $229 million. The funding, led by Kedaara Capital, not only demonstrates Perfios’ growth and potential but also signifies its ambition to expand its presence across North America and Europe. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Perfios’ funding success and its significance in the fintech industry.

Perfios: Transforming Credit Underwriting

Perfios, a 15-year-old startup headquartered in Bengaluru, India, has been making waves in the fintech industry with its innovative solutions. The company focuses on providing real-time credit underwriting tools that enable financial institutions to make automated loan decisions, assess a customer’s financial credibility, and aggregate essential data through APIs. Perfios leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques to offer both model and loan insights, making it versatile for various financial products.

One of Perfios’ standout features is its adaptability and ability to learn independently. It can forecast trends in emerging markets, making it an invaluable asset for financial institutions seeking to expand their reach. With its digital scoring system, Perfios AI delivers overall credit scores, detailed breakdowns, and efficient credit risk evaluations.

Preparing for the Future: A Glimpse at Perfios’ IPO Plans

The Series D funding round for Perfios has drawn attention not only for its substantial amount but also for the participation of private equity firms, signaling potential preparations for an initial public offering (IPO). In many cases, private equity firms become involved with startups a few years before their IPO, and Perfios has confirmed its intention to go public within the next 18 to 24 months.

This move indicates Perfios’ confidence in its market-leading position, both in India and its strong presence in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. With a global footprint, Perfios is poised to leverage the increasing digitization of the financial services sector and the growing demand for fintech solutions.

The Significance of Perfios’ Funding Amid Global Market Conditions

Perfios’ achievement is particularly noteworthy in the current global startup landscape, where raising new capital has become increasingly challenging. Investors are becoming cautious about the conditions of public markets, making it tougher for startups to secure funding. However, Perfios’ success stands as a testament to its capabilities, strong investor confidence, and the essential role it plays in transforming the financial services industry.


Perfios’ recent $229 million funding round not only cements its position as a fintech leader but also marks its ambitions for global expansion and an upcoming IPO. With cutting-edge AI and ML-driven credit underwriting solutions, Perfios is set to continue driving digital transformation in the financial sector. As the fintech industry evolves, Perfios is well-positioned to provide access to financial services and promote financial inclusion for billions worldwide. This funding success serves as an inspiring example of innovation and resilience in the face of challenging market conditions.


1. What is Perfios, and what does it specialize in?

Perfios is an Indian fintech company that specializes in providing real-time credit underwriting solutions to both banks and non-banking financial institutions. Its services include automating loan decisions, assessing a customer’s financial worthiness, and aggregating data through APIs, all of which are crucial for efficient lending processes.

2. How much funding did Perfios secure in its recent Series D round, and who led the investment?

Perfios raised an impressive $229 million in its Series D funding round, with the lead investor being Indian private equity firm Kedaara Capital. This substantial funding demonstrates Perfios’ potential and growth in the fintech sector.

3. What are Perfios’ plans regarding an initial public offering (IPO), and why is it significant?

Perfios has confirmed its intention to go public within the next 18 to 24 months. This move is significant because it suggests that Perfios is confident in its market-leading position and signifies its readiness to take the next step in its growth journey. IPO preparations often involve private equity firms, indicating Perfios’ commitment to expanding its reach and influence in the global financial services sector.

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