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Enhancing Web3 Security: Olympix Raises $4.3M with AI-Powered Solutions

Olympix Raises $4.3M by web3oclock

In the rapidly evolving landscape of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, ensuring the security of projects built on the Web3 platform is of paramount importance. In a recent development, Olympix, a forward-thinking startup, has successfully secured a significant investment of $4.3 million in a seed funding round led by Boldstart Ventures. This funding will empower Olympix to further its mission of bolstering Web3 security through the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). Let’s delve into the details of Olympix’s innovative approach and its potential impact on the crypto ecosystem.

Introducing Olympix

Founded in June 2022, Olympix has swiftly emerged as a key player in the realm of Web3 security. The company’s primary focus is on providing developers with tools to mitigate vulnerabilities in smart contract code, thereby reducing the risks associated with potential security breaches. This is a crucial aspect, as vulnerabilities in smart contracts can lead to severe financial losses and tarnished reputations within the crypto community.

The Power of AI in Web3 Security

What sets Olympix apart is its integration of artificial intelligence into the security process. By leveraging AI technology, Olympix offers developers a unique advantage – real-time security suggestions while they are in the process of coding. This approach significantly streamlines the security assessment process and enhances developers’ ability to rectify potential vulnerabilities swiftly and efficiently.

Imagine a scenario where a developer is working on a smart contract project. With Olympix’s AI-powered system in place, the code is continuously scanned as the developer types, and any potential security issues are immediately flagged. These suggestions are not only a warning of vulnerabilities but also come with actionable solutions. This means developers can resolve security concerns with a simple click, preventing the need to backtrack and make time-consuming corrections later on.

The Backing of Leading Venture Capitalists

The recent seed funding round, led by Boldstart Ventures, underscores the growing interest and confidence in Olympix’s innovative approach. Other notable participants in the funding round include Robot Ventures and Shrug Capital, signaling a strong endorsement of Olympix’s potential to make a significant impact in the field of Web3 security.

Channi Greenwall: The Visionary Behind Olympix

Channi Greenwall, the visionary founder of Olympix, brings a wealth of experience to the table. Her background includes leading a product team at SecurityScorecard, a prominent security ratings provider, where she focused on endpoint security. Moreover, Greenwall’s tenure as a security engineer on JPMorgan’s cyber defense team highlights her deep understanding of the security landscape.

Olympix’s Success Stories and Impact

One of Olympix’s remarkable achievements is the successful launch of its static analyzer private alpha. With over 30 companies participating, including notable names like Blockdaemon, Rysk Finance, and Arrakis Finance, Olympix has established itself as a trusted partner for developers seeking enhanced security measures. The private alpha phase has not only facilitated the identification and resolution of vulnerabilities but also played a role in educating developers through real-time micro-teaching moments.

An astounding testament to Olympix’s efficacy, the private alpha has contributed to securing over $300 million in assets since its inception. This statistic underscores the tangible impact that AI-driven security solutions can have on the broader crypto ecosystem, safeguarding both investments and reputation.

The Road Ahead for Olympix and Web3 Security

As the crypto landscape continues to expand, security remains a top priority. Innovations like Olympix’s AI-backed security solutions offer promising avenues for strengthening the integrity of projects built on the Web3 platform. With the recent influx of funding, Olympix is poised to further refine and expand its offerings, potentially revolutionizing the way developers approach security in the crypto space.


In conclusion, Olympix’s recent funding success exemplifies the growing recognition of the critical role that AI-driven security measures can play in the Web3 ecosystem. By providing developers with real-time security guidance and solutions, Olympix aims to minimize vulnerabilities in smart contract code, fostering a more secure and resilient crypto landscape. As the company continues to develop its solutions, the broader crypto community eagerly awaits the positive impact Olympix is poised to make in the realm of Web3 security.


1. What is Olympix and how does it enhance Web3 security?

Olympix is a pioneering startup focused on bolstering security within the Web3 ecosystem. It achieves this by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) technology into its security solutions. Olympix provides developers with real-time security suggestions while they are coding, flagging potential vulnerabilities in smart contract code. This proactive approach helps developers identify and resolve security issues promptly, minimizing risks and enhancing the overall security of Web3 projects.

2. How does Olympix’s AI-powered system work?

Olympix’s AI-powered system continuously scans code as developers type, detecting any potential security vulnerabilities. When a vulnerability is identified, the system not only alerts the developer but also offers actionable solutions that can be implemented with a single click. This real-time guidance streamlines the security assessment process, enabling developers to make necessary corrections immediately. By doing so, Olympix helps prevent vulnerabilities from persisting and potentially causing security breaches later on.

3. What achievements and impact has Olympix demonstrated so far?

Olympix’s success is evident in its static analyzer private alpha launch. With participation from more than 30 companies, including prominent names like Blockdaemon, Rysk Finance, and Arrakis Finance, Olympix has established itself as a trusted partner for developers seeking advanced security measures. The private alpha phase not only aids in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities but also offers real-time micro-teaching moments to educate developers about security best practices. Notably, the private alpha has contributed to securing over $300 million in assets since its initiation, highlighting the tangible benefits of Olympix’s AI-backed security solutions in the Web3 landscape.

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