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Oath of Peak: First MMORPG Web 3 Game by Yeeha games

Oath of peak by yeeha games

Bybit Gaming Platform, Yeeha games has recently launched its much-awaited first MMORPG Web3 game, Oath of Peak. After 5 years of rigorous efforts starting in 2018, Oath of Peak finally launched on 12th January 2023 on the Polygon blockchain. Considered one of the most ambitious gaming projects, It took more than $20M of investment to build its unique and engaging gameplay exclusively. The gameFi industry has immense untapped potential when compared to the traditional gaming industry and by introducing interesting game plays with web 3.0, Yeeha games is all set to tap the huge market segment.  Let’s dive deeper to understand what are some reasons behind the speculations of Oath of Peak hitting the top list of gamers soon.

3 Major Reasons Why Oath of Peak Can be a Super Hit Soon:

Interesting Game Plot:

One of the significant reasons behind the comparatively less adoption of Web 3.0 games was the lack of engaging gameplay. The gamer community requires carefully crafted unique and fun game plots whether it’s on the blockchain or not. The quality of the game plot is not tradeable with the pinch of technology. The Yeeha games has developed a fantasy oriental world inspired by Chinese classics, which includes an ancient world featuring magnificent mountains, rivers, grasslands and extravagant places. In the game plot players are navigating their ways tackling several adventures and encounters with other unknown companions. There are a variety of monsters, pets and spirits that play a crucial role in the gameplay.  There are several interesting powers that help players in their journeys. 

Interesting game of plot oath of peak by yeeha games

Full Ownership & Interoperability:

Unlike the traditional gaming experiences where players have to give up all their in-game assets on changing the gaming platform, Oath of peak provides full ownership to the players. Now players can own their in-game assets in the form of NFTs. All the in-game assets are interoperable, players can carry these assets over to other gaming platforms.

Tradable In-game Assets:

In Oath of Peak, players can monetize their in-game assets. At the time of launch, there were a total of 10,000 NFTs. The collection included Genesis Primordial Spirit Beasts (Kiufeng and Hudou). Depending on the gender and type of primordial spirits, players can breed more PSBs, which can be traded on the secondary market. A 90% of all the in-game assets are exclusively built by the players, these are not sold otherwise. Players are required to play more to interact with each other to gain certain assets. These tradable in-game assets make Oath of Peak more attractive for the gaming communities.

Easy to play for crypto & non-crypto communities

The developers of Oath of Peak have certainly paid attention to detail for making its user experience at par with traditional games. The game is 100% user-friendly irrespective of your crypto or blockchain knowledge. Any user can play Oath of Peak whether they understand crypto or not. It’s a free-to-play game. Players are not required to make a wallet or buy any token or NFT. The game has all the blockchain benefits integrated but with zero complexity and hurdles for the users.

Tradable In-game Assets of oath of peak

Developed by Veterans of Industry:

The game is developed by a team of global experts in the gaming & tech industries. The Yeeha games has a team that consists of more than 90 renowned experts. All these people are considered veterans of the traditional gaming industry, blockchain ecosystem and GameFi industry. The expertise behind the game has certainly set high expectations for its growth.

Huge Success in Presales:

The presales was a huge success for Oath of Peak. The closed beta version of the game got immense traction from the gaming community. With more than 500,000 pre-registered players and impressive numbers of positive reviews, presales already set a success path for the Oath of Peak.

Yeeha games has always positioned itself as a gaming-first company than a Web 3.0 gaming company. Let us see how their latest game Oath of Peak will be successful in engaging and impressing the traditional gaming community. The success of Oath of Peak will also have a profound impact on the direction of development of Web 3.0 gaming industry. If you are a game lover and haven’t tried the Oath of Peak yet, download it now on your android or iOS and share your experience with us at or comment below.

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