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Northern Data Raises $610 Million Funding from Tether Group

Northern Data Raises $610 Million Funding by Web3O'clock

Northern Data AG, a major player in European Bitcoin mining, has recently secured an impressive $610 million in financing from Tether Group, a significant milestone for the company. This substantial loan, set to mature in 2030, is poised to propel Northern Data’s growth and strengthen its position in the cryptocurrency mining industry. In this blog, we’ll delve into the details of this funding, its implications, and how it will impact Northern Data’s business.

About Northern Data

Northern Data AG, trading on the ETR stock exchange under the symbol NB2, is a renowned Bitcoin mining company based in Europe. The company operates in three key business areas: Taiga Cloud, Ardent Data Centers, and Peak Mining. These divisions play vital roles in Northern Data’s operations and are set to benefit from the newly secured financing.

The Funding and Its Purpose

The $610 million financing from Tether Group is an unsecured debt that will play a pivotal role in Northern Data’s expansion efforts. This investment is expected to accelerate the growth and innovation in three core areas:

  • Taiga Cloud Enhancement: A significant portion of the funding will be channeled into strengthening the AI capabilities of Taiga Cloud through the acquisition of advanced hardware. This move is aimed at improving the cloud computing infrastructure, making it more efficient and capable of handling the increasing demands of the cryptocurrency mining sector.
  • Ardent Data Centers Growth: Northern Data’s Ardent Data Centers will also receive support from the financing. The expansion of these data centers is essential to meet the growing demand for secure and efficient data processing in the cryptocurrency industry.
  • Peak Mining Advancement: The loan will further enable Northern Data to escalate its Bitcoin mining operations using liquid-cooling mining technology under the Peak Mining division. This technology not only enhances the efficiency of mining but also contributes to reducing the environmental impact, aligning with the growing concerns about sustainability.

About Tether Group

Tether Group’s association with Northern Data dates back to September when it acquired a stake in the company. Tether Group is not only involved in cryptocurrency but has also ventured into the world of artificial intelligence (AI). According to their Q3 attestation report, Tether held total reserves of $86.4 billion against $83.2 billion in liabilities, leaving a substantial $3.2 billion in excess reserves. Tether is known for issuing USDT (Tether), a stablecoin widely used in the cryptocurrency market, and currently boasts a market capitalization of $84.9 billion according to CoinMarketCap.


The $610 million financing from Tether Group marks a significant turning point for Northern Data AG, positioning the company for remarkable growth and innovation. This funding will not only strengthen Northern Data’s core business lines but also facilitate the advancement of cryptocurrency mining operations, especially in the context of environmental sustainability. As the cryptocurrency industry continues to evolve, Northern Data is poised to remain a prominent player in European Bitcoin mining.


What is Tether Group, and why are they investing in Northern Data? 

Tether Group is known for its involvement in cryptocurrency, particularly for issuing the USDT stablecoin. They invested in Northern Data to strengthen their position in the cryptocurrency market and explore opportunities in artificial intelligence, in which Northern Data plays a significant role.

How will this financing affect Northern Data’s operations and services? 

The financing will significantly boost Northern Data’s core business areas: Taiga Cloud, Ardent Data Centers, and Peak Mining. It will enhance their AI capabilities, support data center expansion, and advance Bitcoin mining operations, making them more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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