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In the ever-evolving world of technology and innovation, startups continue to capture our imagination with their groundbreaking ideas and solutions. One such company,, an AI-driven HR tech startup, has recently made headlines by securing ₹80 lakhs in a seed funding round led by Realtime Angel Fund (RTAF). This funding is set to propel into a new era of growth and expansion, offering a promising glimpse into the future of HR technology. A Pioneer in HR Tech

Before we delve into the exciting news of the seed funding, let’s take a closer look at and the innovative solutions it brings to the table. is an AI-powered platform that simplifies and automates the entire recruitment process for businesses. From identifying talent to screening candidates, conducting interviews, and facilitating training, streamlines every aspect of HR.

The power of automation employed by is nothing short of transformative. It enables organizations to make informed decisions efficiently while significantly reducing manual efforts by up to 90%. Imagine a world where the time-consuming process of recruitment that once took months can now be accomplished in a matter of weeks. makes this vision a reality.

The impressive reach of extends to a vast network of over 110,000 candidates spanning across 800 colleges, with more than 150 companies benefiting from its services. This reach is a testament to the trust and effectiveness that has built in the industry.

The Realtime Angel Fund (RTAF) Partnership

Now, let’s talk about the exciting development that has brought to the forefront of the startup scene. The seed funding round, which raised ₹80 lakhs, was spearheaded by Realtime Angel Fund (RTAF). RTAF is a renowned early-stage investment firm known for its strategic investments in startups across various domains, including healthtech, fintech, green energy, artificial intelligence, and consumer technology.

RTAF’s involvement is not limited to providing capital; they also offer mentorship and operational guidance to startups. This support is designed to accelerate growth and create value through strategic partnerships on a global scale.’s partnership with RTAF is a testament to the startup’s potential and the shared vision for the future of HR technology.

Samyak Jain, CEO, and co-founder of, expressed his excitement about the collaboration with RTAF. He highlighted the significant impact has already had with its Hiring Tool Suite, which saw a fourfold increase in weekly product access requests during its soft launch. The infusion of funds from RTAF will enable to expand its user base and enhance its offerings, with the aim of becoming a comprehensive software solution backed by dedicated services.

A Glimpse into the Future

The implications of’s success and the partnership with RTAF extend far beyond the world of HR technology. The deployment of AI-based solutions by is set to revolutionize corporate training, hiring, and deployment processes. By reducing timeframes from months to just a few weeks, is poised to drive efficiency and effectiveness in businesses of all sizes.

The importance of efficient HR processes cannot be overstated. In a competitive job market, companies that can identify and onboard the right talent quickly gain a significant advantage.’s automation not only saves time but also ensures that businesses make data-driven decisions, leading to better hires and improved productivity.

As we move into the future, it is clear that AI-driven solutions like will play a pivotal role in shaping industries and enhancing operational efficiency. The collaboration between innovative startups and forward-thinking investors like RTAF is a testament to the potential for positive change in our rapidly evolving world.


The success of in securing ₹80 lakhs in seed funding led by Realtime Angel Fund is a testament to the vision and dedication of its founders, Samyak Jain and Tanvi Jain. Their AI-driven HR tech startup has already made waves by simplifying and automating the recruitment process, and with this funding, they are poised for even greater success.

The partnership between and RTAF highlights the transformative potential of AI-based solutions in various industries. As businesses continue to seek innovative ways to stay competitive and efficient, offers a glimpse into the future of HR technology and beyond. The world of startups and technology is ever-evolving, and is certainly one to watch as it continues to make its mark on the world of HR tech.


1. What is is an AI-driven HR tech startup that simplifies and automates the entire recruitment process for businesses. It uses cutting-edge AI technology to streamline talent identification, candidate screening, interviews, and training, significantly reducing manual efforts and timeframes.

2. Who led the recent seed funding for 

The recent seed funding of ₹80 lakhs for was led by Realtime Angel Fund (RTAF), a well-known early-stage investment firm known for its strategic investments in startups across various domains, including AI and technology.

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