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Myanmar’s First Crypto-Based Bank: Empowering Citizens and Exiled Government

Myanmar's Crypto-Based Bank: Empowering Citizens and Exiled Government by web3oclock

In a groundbreaking development, Myanmar’s first crypto-based banking institution, the Spring Development Bank, is set to soft launch on July 22. This move is not only poised to provide the country’s citizens with greater access to financial services but also offers support to the exiled National Unity Government (NUG). Let’s explore how this crypto bank operates and its potential impact on Myanmar’s financial landscape.

The Spring Development Bank: A Revolutionary Institution

Named after the Spring Revolution, Myanmar’s opposition movement against the ruling military junta, the Spring Development Bank represents a significant step towards financial freedom. Constructed on the Polygon blockchain, the bank’s primary objective is to enhance domestic and international payments, improve efficiency, and offer access to a diverse range of financial products.

Supporting the Burmese Diaspora

The Spring Development Bank isn’t just aimed at the 55 million Burmese living within Myanmar but also the two-million-strong “Burmese diaspora” residing and working outside the country. These individuals frequently send money back to Myanmar, and the bank aims to make these remittances faster and more cost-effective.

Crypto as the Path to Financial Support

A Spring Development Bank official, who chose to remain anonymous for security reasons, explained that crypto was the natural solution to support Burmese citizens and the exiled government. By utilizing blockchain technology, the bank seeks to establish a robust fundraising strategy for the NUG.

Full Backing from the NUG

Although the new crypto bank was not directly launched by the NUG, it enjoys complete support and resources from the exiled government. Furthermore, the bank operates under the license and regulation of the NUG-controlled interim central bank of Myanmar, adding legitimacy to its operations.

Calvin T: CEO of Change

The bank’s CEO, Calvin T, operates under a pseudonym for security reasons. He emphasized that the launch of the Spring Development Bank marks the first step in restoring financial freedom to Myanmar. By offering an alternative financial system based on trust and government guarantees, the bank aims to address the challenges posed by the military-controlled financial system, which has been falling apart.

Advantages of the Polygon Ecosystem

The Spring Development Bank chose to build its platform on Polygon for both cost and sustainability reasons. The officials believe that the Polygon ecosystem is likely to endure over the long term, providing a stable foundation for the bank’s operations.

Fiat-Pegged Stablecoins for Ease of Transactions

The bank plans to issue several fiat-pegged stablecoins, including the Myanmar kyat, Thai baht, Singapore dollar, and the U.S. dollar. Users can utilize the bank’s “currency swap” feature, built on UniSwap V3, to efficiently exchange stablecoins, making transactions seamless and accessible.

Enhancing User Privacy and Security

Given the risks faced by those showing support for the NUG, the Spring Development Bank’s user interface has been meticulously designed as a web-only platform. By accessing the bank through an incognito window, users can protect their privacy and prevent any trace of their browsing history.

International Recognition and Trade

The NUG, Myanmar’s exiled government, gained formal recognition from several members of the United Nations and the European Parliament in 2021. This recognition further legitimizes the NUG’s actions and decisions, such as declaring the U.S. dollar-pegged stablecoin Tether (USDT) as legal tender to expedite international trade.


The launch of Myanmar’s first crypto-based bank, the Spring Development Bank, heralds a new era of financial empowerment for the country’s citizens and exiled government. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, the bank aims to offer faster, more efficient financial services and facilitate international trade. As the world witnesses this financial revolution, it remains to be seen how the Spring Development Bank will shape Myanmar’s financial landscape and empower its people in the years to come.


What is the Spring Development Bank, and how is it different from traditional banks in Myanmar?

The Spring Development Bank is Myanmar’s first entirely crypto-based banking institution, built on the Polygon blockchain. Unlike traditional banks in Myanmar, which operate under the control of the military junta, the Spring Development Bank is backed by the exiled National Unity Government (NUG). It aims to provide financial services to both the citizens within Myanmar and the two-million-strong Burmese diaspora living abroad. The bank’s primary goal is to make domestic and international payments faster and more efficient while offering a wide range of financial products. It operates as a decentralized and trust-based alternative to the existing military-controlled financial system, providing greater financial freedom and security for its users.

How does the Spring Development Bank use cryptocurrencies, and what stablecoins does it offer?

The Spring Development Bank operates entirely on crypto and blockchain technology. It utilizes cryptocurrencies to facilitate transactions and offer financial services to its customers. One of its key features is the issuance of fiat-pegged stablecoins. These stablecoins are digital assets pegged to the value of traditional fiat currencies like the Myanmar kyat, Thai baht, Singapore dollar, and the U.S. dollar. Users can easily exchange these stablecoins using the bank’s “currency swap” feature, built on UniSwap V3. This enables quick and cost-effective remittances, particularly for the Burmese diaspora sending money back to Myanmar, as it eliminates the need for traditional, costly remittance channels.

How does the Spring Development Bank ensure user privacy and security in Myanmar’s politically sensitive environment?

In Myanmar’s politically sensitive environment, where supporting the exiled NUG can result in severe consequences, the Spring Development Bank takes user privacy and security very seriously. To protect its users, the bank has designed its user interface to be accessible only through a web-based platform. This “web-only” approach ensures that no browsing history is stored, offering an additional layer of anonymity. The bank encourages users to access its services via an incognito window to minimize any potential traces that could lead to their identification. By prioritizing user privacy, the Spring Development Bank aims to create a safe and secure financial environment for its customers, especially those who face risks due to their association with the NUG.

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