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Momentum Capital’s $10M Investment and the Resurgence of Fundraising

Momentum Capital's $10M Investment by web3oclock

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, investment opportunities abound, promising new avenues for growth and innovation. Recently, a significant development has caught the attention of investors and enthusiasts alike: Momentum Capital, a crypto-native fund based in San Francisco, has secured a substantial $10 million investment from Canada’s BM Fund. This infusion of funds aims to propel Momentum Capital’s efforts in identifying the next revolutionary company in the crypto space, often likened to the “Apple” of cryptocurrencies. Let’s dive into this exciting news and explore its implications, along with the resurgence of crypto fundraising.

Momentum Capital’s $10M Investment: A Game-Changer

San Francisco’s Momentum Capital has achieved a remarkable feat with its acquisition of a $10 million investment from BM Fund. This financial boost comes at a time when the crypto industry is undergoing dynamic changes, making it a pivotal moment for Momentum Capital’s growth and expansion.

The primary objective of this investment is twofold: to expand Momentum Capital’s talented team and to provide support to early-stage Web3 projects. Web3, often referred to as the decentralized and user-centric version of the internet, is at the forefront of crypto innovation. This investment will empower Momentum Capital to identify and nurture projects that have the potential to be the next groundbreaking entity in the crypto landscape, drawing parallels to the transformative impact of Apple in the tech industry.

Carmen, the founder of BM Fund, highlighted their decision to invest in Momentum Capital during bear markets. This move underscores Momentum Capital’s exceptional proficiency and track record, which have evidently impressed the investors. Such investments during challenging market phases speak to the confidence investors have in the fund’s capabilities.

Crypto Fundraising Gains Momentum Again

Momentum Capital’s achievement is just one example of a broader trend: the renewed interest in crypto fundraising. Over the past year, the crypto industry experienced a period of uncertainty, affecting venture capital funding for crypto projects. However, recent developments indicate a change in the tide.

Flashbots, an Ethereum infrastructure provider, recently secured an impressive $60 million in its Series B funding round. This funding was led by Paradigm, a technology investment firm based in San Francisco. The significant investment showcases the growing appetite for crypto projects among investors, reaffirming the industry’s potential.

Similarly, Futureverse, a startup focusing on crypto tech and gaming, received a boost of $54 million in its Series A funding round. Venture capital firm 10T Holdings led the funding, with participation from Ripple Labs, the creative force behind the XRP Ledger. The interest and financial backing in Futureverse underscore the expansion of crypto use cases beyond traditional boundaries.

Challenges in Crypto Fundraising

Despite the encouraging signs of a revived interest in crypto fundraising, challenges persist, particularly in the context of competition from other tech sectors. The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) funding has drawn a significant share of venture capital money that was previously allocated to the crypto industry. This shift has implications for both early-stage and late-stage funding in the crypto space.

Evan Cheng, the founder of Mysten Labs, points out that AI startups have successfully attracted a substantial portion of venture capital funding, previously earmarked for crypto ventures. While early-stage crypto projects can still secure funding, their valuations may have been affected due to the recent downturn in the crypto market. However, late-stage funding remains a challenge for startups, with only top-performing companies finding substantial support.

Looking Ahead: The Crypto Investment Landscape

As the crypto investment landscape continues to evolve, Momentum Capital’s success and the recent surge in fundraising activities signal a new phase in the industry. Early-stage crypto projects are adapting to altered valuations, while maintaining access to funding opportunities. The focus is shifting towards projects that demonstrate intrinsic value, innovative use cases, and potential for long-term growth.

Furthermore, the intersection of blockchain technology with other emerging fields, such as AI and gaming, is broadening the spectrum of crypto investment possibilities. As investors regain their confidence and demonstrate their willingness to support promising ventures, the crypto industry is poised for a resurgence of growth and innovation.


In conclusion, Momentum Capital‘s $10 million investment and the resurgence of crypto fundraising mark a significant turning point for the crypto investment landscape. As we witness the unfolding of new opportunities and challenges, one thing is clear: the crypto industry’s potential remains undeniably exciting, with groundbreaking projects waiting to be discovered and nurtured.


1. What is Momentum Capital’s main goal with the $10 million investment from BM Fund?

Momentum Capital’s primary objective with the $10 million investment from BM Fund is to expand its team and provide support to early-stage Web3 projects. The fund aims to identify and nurture projects within the Web3 space that have the potential to become groundbreaking entities in the crypto industry. This investment allows Momentum Capital to seek out the “Apple” of cryptocurrencies – projects that could have a transformative impact on the industry.

2. How does the recent resurgence in crypto fundraising reflect the industry’s current trajectory?

The resurgence in crypto fundraising, as exemplified by the success of companies like Flashbots and Futureverse, signifies a renewed interest and confidence in the crypto industry. Despite a period of uncertainty, investors are once again showing willingness to invest in crypto projects, suggesting that the industry’s potential remains strong. The infusion of substantial funding into projects spanning Ethereum infrastructure, gaming, and the metaverse underscores the diverse and expanding use cases of cryptocurrencies beyond traditional boundaries.

3. What challenges does the crypto industry face in terms of fundraising, particularly in light of competition from other sectors like AI?

The rise of AI funding has diverted a significant portion of venture capital money that was previously allocated to the crypto industry. This competition poses challenges for both early-stage and late-stage funding in the crypto space. While early-stage crypto projects can still secure funding, their valuations might have been affected by recent market fluctuations. Late-stage funding has become more selective, with only the top-performing companies receiving substantial support. However, the resurgence in crypto fundraising indicates that despite these challenges, investors are recognizing the long-term potential of the industry.

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