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Crypto Venture Powerhouse L1 Digital Raises $152M for Game-Changing Second VC Fund

L1 Digital Raises $152M Second VC Fund by web3oclock

The world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has been a rollercoaster of innovation and opportunity. As the digital realm continues to evolve, new players are entering the field with substantial investments to fuel the growth of groundbreaking projects. One such player that has caught the attention of both seasoned investors and newcomers alike is L1 Digital AG (L1D), a Swiss-based investment advisor focused on digital assets. In their latest feat, L1D has successfully raised an impressive $152 million for their second venture capital fund, igniting curiosity and interest in the crypto community.

Understanding L1 Digital’s Role

At the heart of L1 Digital’s success lies a deep understanding of the crypto landscape and a strategic approach to investment. L1D is not just any investment firm; it’s an advisor with a clear vision of the potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The firm has amassed $400 million in assets under management, making it a significant player in the world of digital assets.

L1D’s unique strategy involves direct investments in crypto projects as well as backing early-stage crypto-focused investment firms. This dual approach allows them to tap into a diverse range of opportunities within the rapidly evolving crypto space. By investing 70% of their funds directly into crypto startups and dedicating the remaining 30% to early-stage investment firms, L1D ensures a balanced portfolio that can capture the full spectrum of innovation.

Weathering the Storms: L1D’s Approach to Bear Markets

One fascinating aspect of L1D’s journey is its resilience in the face of market turbulence. Co-founder and CEO of L1D, Ray Hindi, shared insights into their strategic decision-making. “We’re most active during bear markets,” Hindi revealed in a recent interview with CoinDesk. This might seem counterintuitive, but it’s a testament to L1D’s understanding of market dynamics.

During bear markets, when the overall sentiment is pessimistic and competition is low, L1D capitalizes on opportunities that might be overlooked during bullish phases. This strategy provides a unique advantage, allowing them to onboard funds at an advantageous point in the market cycle. Additionally, investing during downturns helps to de-risk operations, as the lower competition and reduced valuations present an environment conducive to better risk management.

Unveiling the Fund’s Deployments

L1D’s recently launched venture capital fund, known as L1D Blockchain Venture II SLP fund, has already been busy deploying its capital into promising projects. The roster of investments showcases the fund’s commitment to fostering innovation and driving the growth of the crypto ecosystem.

Among their notable investments are Centrifuge, an institutional credit ecosystem, Groma, a blockchain-backed REIT manager, and Li.Fi, a decentralized bridge aggregator. These investments reflect L1D’s diverse interests and their belief in the transformative power of blockchain technology across various industries.

A Glimpse into the Crypto Future

L1D’s investments provide a peek into their optimistic perspective on the future of the crypto space. The fund’s focus on digital infrastructure, decentralized finance (DeFi), and even the emerging field of decentralized science (DeSci) underscores its belief in the far-reaching potential of blockchain technology.

One of L1D’s portfolio companies, VitaDao, exemplifies their interest in DeSci. VitaDao, a project backed by Pfizer, is dedicated to longevity research, leveraging blockchain’s capabilities to revolutionize the scientific landscape. This unique investment showcases L1D’s commitment to driving not only financial growth but also societal progress through its investment choices.

Ripple Effects of L1D’s Success

L1D’s successful fundraising resonates beyond the company itself. As a registered entity with FINMA, Switzerland’s independent financial markets regulator, L1D represents a bridge between the traditional financial sector and the rapidly evolving crypto ecosystem. Their backing by professional and institutional clients, including Swiss pension funds, family offices, wealth managers, and banks, speaks to the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies within mainstream finance.

Moreover, L1D’s bullish stance amid market fluctuations is a testament to the enduring potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Their investments in digital infrastructure and DeFi projects signal a growing maturity in the crypto space, hinting at a future where blockchain disrupts various industries, from finance to science.


L1 Digital AG’s recent accomplishment of raising $152 million for its second venture capital fund showcases its prowess as a significant player in the crypto investment landscape. With their strategic approach to investments, ability to thrive in bear markets, and commitment to fostering innovation, L1D stands as a prime example of how the convergence of finance and technology can drive meaningful change.

As the crypto world continues to evolve, keep an eye on the trailblazing initiatives of firms like L1D. Their journey offers valuable lessons for both seasoned investors and those taking their first steps into the exciting world of blockchain and digital assets.


Who is L1 Digital AG (L1D), and what sets them apart in the crypto investment landscape?

L1 Digital AG (L1D) is a Swiss-based investment advisor with a focus on digital assets and blockchain technology. They have gained prominence by raising an impressive $152 million for their second venture capital fund. What sets them apart is their unique investment strategy – they allocate 70% of their funds directly into crypto startups and dedicate the remaining 30% to early-stage crypto-focused investment firms. This dual approach enables them to capture a wide range of opportunities within the crypto ecosystem.

How does L1D thrive during bear markets, and why is this approach beneficial?

L1D’s strategy of being most active during bear markets might seem counterintuitive but holds significant advantages. During bear markets, when market sentiment is pessimistic and competition is low, L1D leverages the opportunity to onboard funds at advantageous points in the market cycle. Additionally, bear markets provide an environment where competition is reduced, leading to better risk management and the potential for higher returns on investments.

What kinds of projects have L1D invested in, and what do these investments reveal about their vision for the crypto space?

L1D’s investments reflect their optimistic perspective on the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Their portfolio includes a diverse range of projects, such as Centrifuge (an institutional credit ecosystem), Groma (a blockchain-backed REIT manager), and Li.Fi (a decentralized bridge aggregator). These investments underscore L1D’s belief in the transformative potential of blockchain across various industries. Notably, their support for VitaDao, a Pfizer-backed project focused on decentralized science, demonstrates their commitment to driving societal progress through innovative blockchain applications.

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