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Kuva Space Secures €16.6M in Funding

Kuva Space Secures €16.6M in Funding by Web3O'clock

Kuva Space, based in Finland, is making waves in the field of space technology and Earth observation. With a recent funding round that raised a substantial €16.6 million, the company is set to develop and launch a constellation of hyperspectral AI microsatellites that promise to provide near real-time, game-changing insights for a wide range of applications. In this blog, we’ll delve into Kuva Space’s remarkable journey, the impact of their technology, and how this funding will help them expand and innovate.

About Kuva Space

Kuva Space is a Finnish company that’s pioneering the development of hyperspectral microsatellites equipped with a patented camera. This hyperspectral camera has a unique ability to distinguish various materials on Earth and assess their conditions by analyzing their spectral signatures. This means it can monitor and analyze critical aspects like crop health, biodiversity, soil conditions, and much more, at an unprecedented scale.

The Funding and Expansion Plans

The recent €16.6 million funding round was led by existing investors Voima Ventures and Nordic Foodtech VC, with participation from Earth VC and Finnish private investors through a growth funding initiative. This financial boost is set to accelerate the development of Kuva Space’s hyperspectral camera and space technology. They plan to double their team size and launch an AI analytics platform. Moreover, they aim to expand their presence in key markets, with a particular focus on the United States. Their ambitious goal is to launch 100 hyperspectral 6U, 12kg microsatellites by 2030.

What is Hyperspectral Technology?

Kuva Space’s microsatellites are equipped with a hyperspectral camera, a technology that combines infrared and visual imaging. This camera’s unique capability to differentiate materials by their spectral signatures enables the monitoring of crucial aspects such as crop types, plant health, biomass, soil conditions, seaweed growth, algae blooms, and marine chemical pollutants. The data collected from these microsatellites will be processed by an AI-driven analytics platform, allowing customers to monitor, identify, and forecast changes and their impacts in near real-time.

Revolutionizing Earth Observation

Kuva Space’s approach to Earth observation differs from traditional methods. Instead of delivering images based on individual customer requests, they provide a near real-time monitoring tool as a subscription service. This business model, built on daily hyperspectral observations and advanced AI analytics, is set to revolutionize how customers, especially non-space firms, use spaceborne data to execute ESG strategies, launch new products, and boost productivity.

About the Copernicus Program

Kuva Space also holds a €5 million commercial contract from the European Commission, making them the sole provider of hyperspectral data services for the Copernicus program. This contract underlines the trust placed in Kuva Space’s capabilities to provide valuable Earth observation data for various applications.


Kuva Space is on a mission to improve life on Earth by providing high-quality and timely spaceborne insights. With the recent funding injection and an expanding team, they are well-equipped to accelerate satellite launches, enhance their AI analytics platform, and expand into new markets, starting with the United States. The impact of their hyperspectral microsatellites is set to be profound, changing the way we monitor and understand our planet.


What is hyperspectral imaging, and how does it differ from traditional satellite imaging?

Hyperspectral imaging is a technology that captures a wide range of electromagnetic wavelengths, allowing it to distinguish materials based on their unique spectral signatures. Traditional satellite imaging primarily uses visible light and some infrared, providing limited information compared to hyperspectral imaging.

How can Kuva Space’s technology benefit non-space firms?

Kuva Space’s subscription-based near real-time monitoring and AI analytics platform can help non-space firms make informed decisions, execute ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategies, launch new products, and boost productivity by providing crucial insights into various aspects of Earth, from agriculture to environmental monitoring.

What is the significance of the European Commission’s contract with Kuva Space for the Copernicus program?

The European Commission’s contract with Kuva Space highlights the company’s expertise and trustworthiness in providing hyperspectral data services for a vital Earth observation program. This partnership is a testament to Kuva Space’s commitment to delivering valuable Earth data for a range of applications.

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