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Kratos a Web3 Gaming Startup Secures $20 Mn Investment & Acquires IndiGG

Kratos a Web3 Gaming Startup Secures $20 Mn Investment & Acquires IndiGG

Web3 gaming startup, Kratos Studios, has achieved a major milestone by securing $20 million in funding and making a significant acquisition in the gaming industry. Led by Accel, this funding round showcases the confidence investors have in the potential of web3 gaming, despite the challenges faced during the funding winter and crypto downturn. With a valuation of approximately $150 million, Kratos Studios is poised to revolutionize the gaming industry through the integration of blockchain technology and decentralized systems.

Kratos Studios: Empowering the Web3 Gaming Ecosystem

Kratos Studios was co-founded by Manish Agarwal, former CEO of Nazara Technologies, and angel investor Ishank Gupta. The founders share a vision of revolutionizing the gaming industry by leveraging blockchain technology and decentralized systems. With their expertise and experience, they aim to create unique earning opportunities for gamers and drive the growth of the web3 gaming ecosystem.

Expansion Plans and Global Investments 

With the newly secured funding, Kratos Studios plans to expand the web3 games market in emerging nations and invest in promising web3 games globally. The company aims to introduce innovative gaming experiences to untapped markets and support the development of a diverse and inclusive gaming community. By fostering global investments, Kratos Studios seeks to establish itself as a key player in the web3 gaming space.

Acquisition of IndiGG: Building a Web3 Gaming DAO

Token Swap and INDI Token Holders’ Benefits Kratos Studios has made a significant acquisition by acquiring IndiGG, a web3 gaming startup backed by Polygon Labs. This acquisition was carried out through a token swap, where existing INDI token holders will receive new tokens once they are generated. This ensures that the community of IndiGG remains engaged and benefits from the integration with Kratos Studios.

Creating a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) 

Leveraging the technology and brand of IndiGG, Kratos Studios plans to build a Web3 gaming Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) under the IndiGG name. A DAO is a community-led entity that operates without a central authority, giving gamers more control and ownership over the games they play. This innovative approach fosters a decentralized gaming ecosystem and empowers gamers to shape the future of web3 gaming.

Empowering Gamers and Fostering Web3 Gaming Ecosystem Growth 

Through the IndiGG acquisition, Kratos Studios aims to create a unique earning opportunity for gamers. By integrating blockchain technology and decentralized systems, the company enables gamers to own and trade in-game assets, participate in governance processes, and have a say in decision-making within the gaming ecosystem. This focus on empowering gamers and fostering growth in the web3 gaming space sets Kratos Studios apart in the industry.

Collaboration with Industry Leaders

Strategic Partnerships with Sandeep Nailwal and Gabby Dizon Kratos Studios is committed to collaborating with industry leaders to build the largest gaming DAO in the world. The company is working closely with Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon, a prominent blockchain platform, and Gabby Dizon, co-founder of Yield Guild Games (YGG), an organization focused on play-to-earn gaming. These strategic partnerships bring together expertise and resources to drive the web3 gaming revolution.

Polygon and Yield Guild Games (YGG)

Powering Web3 Gaming Revolution Polygon’s blockchain platform provides scalability, low transaction fees, and interoperability, making it an ideal foundation for web3 gaming. Collaboration with Polygon allows Kratos Studios to leverage these benefits and create seamless gaming experiences for users. Additionally, the partnership with YGG brings expertise in play-to-earn gaming, enhancing the earning potential for gamers within the web3 gaming ecosystem.

Commitment to Developing High-Quality Games 

Kratos Studios recognizes the importance of high-quality games in driving the success of the web3 gaming ecosystem. Over the next 18-24 months, the company will focus on developing innovative and immersive games that meet the expectations of modern gamers. By combining cutting-edge technology, engaging gameplay, and decentralized features, Kratos Studios aims to deliver exceptional gaming experiences while providing unique earning opportunities for players.

Blockchain Technology and its Influence 

The increasing popularity of blockchain technology has paved the way for the rise of web3 gaming. By leveraging the transparency, security, and decentralization offered by blockchain, web3 games provide players with unprecedented control over their in-game assets and interactions. Blockchain technology enables trustless transactions, verifiable scarcity of virtual items, and the ability to trade assets across multiple platforms.

Ownership of In-Game Assets and Governance Opportunities 

Web3 games empower players by allowing them to truly own their in-game assets. These assets can be bought, sold, and traded on decentralized marketplaces, providing players with real-world value for their virtual possessions. Moreover, web3 gaming introduces governance opportunities, allowing players to participate in decision-making processes and influence the direction of the games they love.

Meeting the Demand for Immersive and Decentralized Gaming 

With the desire for more immersive and decentralized gaming experiences, web3 gaming has gained significant attention. Players are seeking deeper engagement, ownership, and meaningful interactions within virtual worlds. Web3 games fulfill this demand by offering decentralized ecosystems, where players have greater control over their gaming experiences and can benefit from their participation.

The Promising Future of Kratos Studios and Web3 Gaming

With the substantial funding secured and the acquisition of IndiGG, Kratos Studios is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the web3 gaming space. The company’s strong financial backing and strategic partnerships lay the foundation for rapid growth and innovation. Kratos Studios aims to establish itself as a leader in the industry, driving the widespread adoption of web3 gaming worldwide.

Kratos Studios is committed to developing high-quality games that push the boundaries of web3 gaming. By delivering captivating and immersive experiences, the company aims to attract a diverse community of gamers and foster decentralized gaming communities. Through their innovative approach and community-centric mindset, Kratos Studios strives to create a dynamic and inclusive web3 gaming ecosystem.

As Kratos Studios continues to develop groundbreaking games and support the growth of decentralized gaming communities, the future of the gaming industry looks increasingly exciting and promising. Web3 gaming has the potential to reshape the way we play, connect, and earn within virtual worlds. With Kratos Studios at the forefront of this revolution, the gaming industry is on the cusp of a new era driven by blockchain technology and decentralized systems.


Kratos Studios’ successful funding round and acquisition of IndiGG position the company as a catalyst for the web3 gaming revolution. With a strong focus on developing high-quality games and collaborating with industry leaders, Kratos Studios aims to create the largest gaming DAO in the world. As the web3 gaming sector gains momentum, offering players ownership and trading opportunities, the future of the gaming industry looks increasingly exciting and promising. Kratos Studios is at the forefront of this revolution, ready to shape the future of gaming.

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