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Intento Secures $8M in Series A Funding

Intento Secures $8M in Series A Funding by web3oclock

Intento, a leading player in the machine translation and AI field, recently secured an impressive $8 million in a Series A funding round. The investment is set to not only boost the company’s growth but also pave the way for the development of a new and improved version of their innovative Intento platform. This exciting development comes as a response to the growing demand for Intento’s Enterprise Language Hub, which offers a seamless, personalized language experience in over 650 languages. Let’s dive deeper into this announcement and explore how Intento is revolutionizing language solutions for global enterprises.

About Intento

Intento has become a leader in multilingual AI and translation, especially for big global companies. They’ve made a name for themselves by helping more than 40 major organizations, including famous ones like Agilent, Subway, Procore, Playrix, and even the Government of Canada. Intento is all about giving top-notch language solutions for customers and team members. Their success shows they know what they’re doing.

The Funding of $8 Million

Intento recently got a big boost with $8 million in Series A funding. Think of it like a financial shot in the arm. This money comes from investors who believe in Intento’s mission. With this cash, Intento plans to grow and do more things. They want to make their company bigger, tell more people about their services, and create a new and improved version of their platform. So, this funding isn’t just money; it’s a sign that Intento is on the right track and is going to make their language technology even better.

Revolutionizing Language Solutions for Global Enterprises

Intento’s Enterprise Language Hub has already won the trust of global organizations by offering remarkable benefits:

  • Cost-Effective Customization: Companies can now save up to 20 times on translation costs by customizing Machine Translation models and automating source content improvement and post-editing.
  • Availability in 650+ Languages: The platform enables the best support articles, agents, and chatbots to be accessible 24/7 in over 650 languages, transcending language barriers.
  • Enhanced Global Productivity: Intento boosts productivity through language-inclusive digital workplaces, facilitating collaboration across languages.
  • Efficient Content Sharing: The new GenAI portal and multiple software integrations make it easy for organizations to reuse and share the best prompts, streamlining workflows.
The Future

The future holds exciting developments for Intento’s platform. The upcoming version will natively integrate generative AI into existing automatic translation workflows, promising a monumental improvement in translation quality, up to 90%. This is set to be a game-changer in multilingual content accuracy.

For generative AI tasks, Intento‘s multilingual orchestration is expected to result in a 40% increase in quality while drastically reducing costs and processing times for non-English content, up to 20-fold. The newly developed GenAI Portal will enable the integration of multiple generative AI models with machine translation in multilingual workflows across various software systems.


Intento’s successful Series A funding and their ongoing commitment to enhancing multilingual generative AI and machine translation capabilities make them a trailblazer in the field. Their mission to provide the best-in-class language experience for global enterprises is set to benefit organizations worldwide, ultimately breaking down language barriers and promoting seamless communication and collaboration. With exciting developments on the horizon, Intento is undoubtedly a company to watch in the coming years.


What is Intento’s main focus? 

Intento specializes in machine translation and multilingual generative AI, providing language solutions for global enterprises.

How will the Series A funding be used by Intento? 

The funding will be used to scale company operations, expand sales and marketing efforts, and develop a new and improved version of the Intento platform.

What benefits does Intento offer through their Enterprise Language Hub? 

Intento’s platform allows companies to save on translation costs, offer support in over 650 languages, boost global productivity, and efficiently share content across languages.

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