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IMMIX Revolutionizing Institutional Crypto Trading with $2.7 Million Seed Funding

IMMIX Crypto Trading

In a significant development for the cryptocurrency world, London-based startup IMMIX has raised a staggering $2.7 million in seed funding. This funding round, led by MassMutual Ventures, known for its previous investments in Zluri and Griffin, brings a promising future for IMMIX. Additional support comes from Ripple Ventures, indicating a growing interest in the startup’s mission. With this financial boost, IMMIX aims to advance its core trading platform and enhance execution for its market-making products.

The Genesis of IMMIX

Founded by former quantitative traders Andrew Mann and David Twomey, both with backgrounds at J.P. Morgan and Virtu Financial, IMMIX is rewriting the rules of crypto trading. Their journey began at University College London, where they were pursuing their PhDs in Computer Science. During this time, they observed a pressing issue in the crypto market – the need for faster, more efficient trading infrastructure.

Mann and Twomey recognized that traders were spending an exorbitant amount of time navigating around slow, costly, and restrictive trading platforms. This observation led to the inception of IMMIX as a solution to these pain points, and it quickly evolved from a low-latency quantitative crypto hedge fund into a non-custodial ultra-low latency trading system designed specifically for institutional investors.

Unlocking Institutional Adoption

IMMIX’s mission is to foster institutional adoption of cryptocurrency assets by providing a trading infrastructure that is fast, efficient, and cost-effective. Traditional crypto Execution Management Systems (EMS) have been known to be sluggish and expensive. In contrast, IMMIX’s platform offers institutional investors a substantial latency advantage, making trading seamless and efficient.

One of the standout features of IMMIX is its self-hosting capability, which gives institutional investors greater control and autonomy over their trading operations. This empowers them to make decisions swiftly and execute trades with precision, eliminating inefficiencies that are prevalent on other trading platforms.

The Role of Web3 Technology

IMMIX is at the forefront of Web3 technology, making it cheaper and up to 30 times faster than conventional crypto EMS. This breakthrough allows institutional investors to engage in high-frequency trading with ease, giving them a competitive edge in the dynamic and fast-paced crypto market.

By focusing on the next generation of financial technologies, IMMIX is addressing critical challenges faced by institutional Web3 traders. As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, the need for such innovative solutions becomes increasingly evident. The support from investors in this seed round positions IMMIX to drive new scalability for institutional trading activities across the entire Web3 ecosystem.

What Lies Ahead

IMMIX’s successful seed funding round is a testament to the potential it holds in reshaping the cryptocurrency trading landscape. With the backing of prominent investors like MassMutual Ventures and Ripple Ventures, the startup is well-poised to accelerate the adoption of its cutting-edge trading platform among institutional investors.

Andrew Mann, Co-Founder of IMMIX, emphasizes their commitment to enabling scalability for institutional trading within the Web3 ecosystem. The team’s dedication to addressing the challenges of restrictive and high-cost infrastructure highlights their ambition to create a more inclusive and efficient crypto trading environment.


In conclusion, IMMIX’s journey from a PhD research project to a trailblazing crypto trading platform underscores the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency industry. With their innovative approach and strong financial backing, they are well on their way to revolutionizing institutional crypto trading and fostering greater adoption within the Web3 ecosystem. As the crypto market continues to evolve, IMMIX’s role in reshaping the trading landscape is one to watch closely.


1. What is IMMIX, and what does it aim to achieve in the cryptocurrency market?

IMMIX is a London-based startup founded by former quantitative traders Andrew Mann and David Twomey, who previously worked at J.P. Morgan and Virtu Financial. IMMIX’s mission is to address the critical challenges faced by institutional Web3 traders by providing a revolutionary trading infrastructure. They offer an ultra-low latency trading system for institutional investors, enabling them to trade crypto assets seamlessly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. IMMIX’s goal is to unlock mass institutional adoption of cryptocurrency assets by offering faster, more efficient, and affordable trading solutions.

2. What sets IMMIX apart from traditional crypto trading platforms?

IMMIX distinguishes itself from traditional crypto trading platforms in several ways. First, it offers institutional investors a significant latency advantage, making trading faster and more efficient. Second, IMMIX provides self-hosting capabilities, giving investors greater control over their trading operations. This autonomy empowers traders to make swift decisions and execute trades with precision. Additionally, IMMIX leverages next-generation financial technologies, making it cheaper and up to 30 times faster than conventional crypto Execution Management Systems (EMS). In summary, IMMIX offers a superior trading experience tailored to institutional investors, addressing the limitations of traditional platforms.

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