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HypeLab’s $4 Million Funding Boost: Revolutionizing Advertising with Web3

HypeLab's $4 Million Funding Boost by web3oclock

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, innovation takes center stage once again as HypeLab, a pioneering web3 advertising firm, secures an impressive $4 million in seed funding. Spearheaded by distinguished venture capital firms Shima Capital and Makers Fund, this funding marks a significant step towards advancing the realm of web3 advertising. 

Let’s delve into the details of this exciting development and understand what web3 and HypeLab bring to the table.

The Rise of HypeLab and Web3 Advertising

HypeLab, led by a co-founding team that includes Ed Weng, a former Google product manager with a wealth of experience in digital advertising, is setting its sights on a revolutionary market – web3 advertising. As more consumers embrace blockchain-enabled products and technologies, HypeLab aims to provide tailored advertising solutions that cater to this niche audience, empowering brands to gain a competitive edge.

Investor Confidence in Web3 Advertising

Investors are showing a strong vote of confidence in HypeLab’s vision. Yida Gao, General Partner at Shima Capital, highlighted their enthusiasm for web3 and the essential role that adtech plays in shaping the ecosystem’s future. This investment underscores the belief that web3 technologies are reshaping the digital landscape and that advertising will play a pivotal role in this transformation.

Web3 and Its Promise

So, what exactly is web3? In a nutshell, it’s the next evolution of the internet – a decentralized, user-centric, and blockchain-powered version of the web. This new paradigm emphasizes user ownership of data and digital assets, enabling individuals to interact with applications in novel ways. As web3 gains momentum, advertising naturally becomes a focal point for introducing external capital into this ecosystem.

HypeLab’s CEO Joe Kim’s Insight

Joe Kim, the CEO of HypeLab, emphasizes the critical role of advertising in the web3 realm. He rightly points out that advertising serves as a mechanism to introduce outside capital, driving the acceleration of new user adoption in web3 technologies. With a track record of assisting more than 50 firms in onboarding new web3 users, HypeLab is already making strides in this arena.

Navigating the Challenges

While HypeLab’s success story is inspiring, it’s essential to acknowledge the broader context of the blockchain industry. Recent data shows that investments in blockchain startups witnessed a decline of approximately 18% in the past month, amounting to $818 million. This dip highlights the volatile nature of the blockchain space, reminding us that while there’s tremendous potential, challenges remain.

Empowering Brands with Seamless Advertising

On the operational front, HypeLab is committed to offering a seamless advertising experience. Their platform is thoughtfully designed for web3 advertisers, providing a unified portal to manage both image and video creatives. What’s more, HypeLab recognizes that some brands might lack the creative resources needed for compelling campaigns. To address this, they extend design services to help craft engaging campaign assets.

The Road Ahead

HypeLab’s $4 million funding is more than just a financial boost – it’s a testament to the growing importance of web3 advertising in the digital ecosystem. As consumers continue to explore blockchain-enabled products and services, the need for targeted and innovative advertising solutions becomes paramount. HypeLab’s expertise positions them well to address this need, guiding brands on their journey to harness the power of web3.


In conclusion, the fusion of web3 and advertising is reshaping the digital landscape, and HypeLab’s recent funding is a testament to the potential of this combination. With a team seasoned in digital advertising and a clear vision for the future, HypeLab is on a trajectory to revolutionize how brands engage with consumers in this new era of decentralized technologies. As we look ahead, the partnership between innovative startups like HypeLab and visionary investors sets the stage for a dynamic and transformative journey into the world of web3 advertising.


1. What is web3 advertising, and why is it important?

Web3 advertising refers to advertising solutions tailored for the next evolution of the internet, known as web3. This new paradigm is characterized by decentralization, user ownership of data, and blockchain-powered interactions. Web3 advertising plays a crucial role in introducing external capital into the web3 ecosystem, driving user adoption, and offering brands unique opportunities to engage with a growing audience gravitating towards blockchain-enabled products.

2. How does HypeLab stand out in the web3 advertising landscape?

HypeLab is a pioneering web3 advertising firm that has recently secured $4 million in seed funding. Led by a co-founding team with a strong background in digital advertising, including former Google product manager Ed Weng, HypeLab is well-positioned to provide innovative advertising solutions for brands looking to tap into the burgeoning web3 space. The company offers a seamless platform for web3 advertisers, helping them manage image and video creatives and even providing design services for those lacking creative resources.

3. What role does HypeLab’s funding play in advancing web3 advertising?

HypeLab’s $4 million funding, secured through a seed funding round led by Shima Capital and Makers Fund, demonstrates the growing confidence in web3 advertising’s potential. This investment enables HypeLab to further develop and enhance its advertising solutions, leveraging on-chain data and catering to the unique demands of the web3 ecosystem. With a track record of aiding over 50 firms in onboarding new web3 users, HypeLab is poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of advertising in the decentralized web3 landscape.

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