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HAQQ’s Partnership with Istanbul Blockchain Week Shines Light on Islamic Culture in Web3

HAQQ's Partnership with Istanbul Blockchain Week Shines Light on Islamic Culture in Web3

The world of blockchain and cryptocurrency is rapidly evolving, with innovations and developments pushing the boundaries of traditional finance. In this dynamic landscape, Istanbul Blockchain Week (IBW) has emerged as a highly anticipated global event, attracting industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and developers from around the world. This year, IBW has received a significant seal of approval as HAQQ (Islamic Coin), an ethics-first network, takes on the role of the title sponsor. HAQQ’s partnership with IBW signifies a milestone in the convergence of technology, finance, and Islamic values, promoting ethical and inclusive practices in Web3.

HAQQ: Empowering Sustainable Decentralized Finance

HAQQ, also known as Islamic Coin, is a layer-1 blockchain platform that prioritizes ethics and sustainability. Its mission is to empower individuals and foster a fair and transparent decentralized financial system. Built using the Cosmos SDK and employing an EVM-equivalent chain, HAQQ enables seamless smart contract deployment from other EVM chains, facilitating interoperability within the blockchain ecosystem.

At the heart of HAQQ’s innovation lies the Shariah Oracle, an on-chain registry of Halal certificates. This feature ensures compliance with Islamic principles, making HAQQ a Shariah-compliant platform. By providing a space where sustainable finance developers, validators, open-source contributors, and Muslim innovators come together, HAQQ aims to create a financial system that balances cutting-edge technology with the ethical values of Islamic finance.

HAQQ and Istanbul Blockchain Week: A Perfect Match

As Turkey’s crypto scene continues to thrive, Istanbul has become a hub for Web3 enthusiasts, witnessing a surge in cash-to-crypto transactions and the practical use of cryptocurrencies to combat inflation. By embracing the title sponsorship of Istanbul Blockchain Week, HAQQ emphasizes the harmonious coexistence of crypto trading, Web3 engagement, and Shariah principles. The event serves as a cultural melting pot where European and Middle Eastern influences unite, showcasing ethical crypto-investing practices and paving the way for an inclusive and decentralized future.

In a statement filled with excitement, Alex Malkov, the CEO of HAQQ, enthusiastically shared his thoughts on the collaboration, saying, “From the moment we connected with the IBW team, it was crystal clear that HAQQ had to be involved in this extraordinary event. The carefully curated roster of sponsors and speakers is a testament to IBW’s commitment to uniting a community of fair, transparent, and forward-thinking projects.”

Promoting Ethical Practices in Web3

HAQQ’s commitment to ethical and sustainable decentralized finance is further showcased through its workshop at Istanbul Blockchain Week. Attendees will have a unique opportunity to explore sustainable and ethical blockchain infrastructure, delving into the principles of Shariah and understanding why projects following this philosophy are considered ethical and ESG-compliant.

In addition to the workshop, Alex Malkov will deliver a keynote speech at IBW, sharing his journey and emphasizing the importance of reliable measures to verify and support sustainable projects within Web3. This focus on ethical practices aligns perfectly with IBW’s mission to create a space for transformative leaders to network, collaborate, and elevate the industry.

Erhan Korhaliller, the founder of Istanbul Blockchain Week, expressed his pride in HAQQ’s participation as the title sponsor, stating, “HAQQ’s involvement reaffirms our commitment to technological innovation, financial inclusion, and the values that hold significant importance in Islamic and Turkish cultures on a global scale.”

An Inclusive and Transformative Future

The upcoming Istanbul Blockchain Week is eagerly anticipated, taking place on August 22nd and 23rd at the esteemed Istanbul Hilton Bomonti Hotel. This remarkable event is set to be a vibrant and inspiring celebration of decentralized culture and trade. Thanks to the invaluable support of HAQQ as the title sponsor, the primary objective of the gathering is to promote an ethical and inclusive decentralized finance system that empowers individuals, businesses, and communities across the globe.

As the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem continues to evolve, collaborations like the one between HAQQ and Istanbul Blockchain Week play a vital role in promoting ethical practices and sustainability. Together, they highlight the potential for blockchain technology to drive positive change while staying true to cultural values and principles. The convergence of technology, finance, and Islamic culture within Web3 sets the stage for a more inclusive and transformative future for the global financial landscape.


What is HAQQ (Islamic Coin) and its role in Web3?

HAQQ, also known as Islamic Coin, is an ethics-first layer-1 blockchain platform committed to empowering individuals and fostering sustainable decentralized finance. As a title sponsor of Istanbul Blockchain Week (IBW), HAQQ brings to the forefront ESG-forward and Shariah-compliant advancements within Web3. It aims to create a fairer and more inclusive financial system, promoting ethical practices that align with Islamic principles.

How does Istanbul Blockchain Week promote cultural inclusivity in the blockchain space?

Istanbul Blockchain Week serves as a global event that attracts industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and developers from around the world. With HAQQ’s title sponsorship, the event becomes a symbol of harmonious coexistence between crypto trading, Web3 engagement, and the guiding principles of Shariah. Istanbul, as a cultural melting pot where Europe meets the Middle East, fosters cross-cultural collaboration, promoting an inclusive and decentralized future for the blockchain industry.

What can attendees expect from HAQQ’s workshop at Istanbul Blockchain Week?

Participants of Istanbul Blockchain Week will be offered an exclusive chance to engage in a workshop hosted by HAQQ. The workshop will center around the exploration of sustainable and ethical blockchain infrastructure. Throughout this session, attendees will gain insights into the principles of Shariah and grasp why projects aligned with this philosophy are regarded as ethical and ESG-compliant. Alex Malkov, the CEO of HAQQ, will deliver a keynote speech, highlighting the significance of dependable measures to authenticate and endorse sustainable projects within Web3.

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