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Hamas Raises Millions in Crypto Donations

Hamas Raises Millions by web3oclock

In a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, it has come to light that the Hamas terrorist organization and its affiliates have received millions in cryptocurrency donations. While this news may raise concerns, it’s essential to understand the broader context of these donations and how they fit into the group’s overall funding. Let’s dive into the details.

Cryptocurrency Donations to Hamas

A recent report by the Wall Street Journal reveals that Hamas and its affiliates have managed to receive millions of dollars in cryptocurrency donations. To be more specific, Palestinian Islamic Jihad received an impressive $93 million in crypto donations between August 2021 and June 2023. 

Meanwhile, Hamas received around $41 million during the same period. This influx of digital assets has raised eyebrows and prompted discussions about how these funds are used and their implications.

Cryptocurrency donations represent a significant shift in fundraising strategies for these groups. These transactions are decentralized and less susceptible to traditional methods of tracking and control. With the proliferation of cryptocurrencies, it has become easier for organizations like Hamas to receive financial support from various sources across the globe.

Cryptocurrency as a Financing Method

Cryptocurrency has increasingly been used as a financing method by groups and nations that are excluded from the traditional, U.S.-controlled global financial system. The reason behind this trend is the inherent privacy and anonymity features of many cryptocurrencies. 

These characteristics make it difficult for government agencies and financial institutions to track the flow of funds, raising concerns about how they may be used by such groups.

It’s important to understand that the appeal of cryptocurrency for groups like Hamas is not just its privacy-preserving nature but also the ability to receive funds from a wide range of supporters globally, avoiding the restrictions imposed by conventional financial institutions.

Crypto’s Limited Role in Funding Hamas

While the news about cryptocurrency donations to Hamas is a matter of concern, it’s vital to keep it in perspective. Cryptocurrency donations are not the primary source of income for Hamas and its affiliated groups. The primary source of funding remains state sponsorship, with Iran being the most substantial contributor, providing approximately $100 million annually.

In this context, Ari Redbord, the head of legal and government affairs of blockchain intelligence firm TRM Labs, emphasized that crypto is just one part of the puzzle. He noted that it’s essential to focus on cryptocurrency because it’s an avenue for cutting off financing by any means, but it’s a relatively small part of the overall picture.

It is essential to address the issue of state-sponsored funding, which plays a more significant role in sustaining these organizations. The global community and governments must continue their efforts to identify and prevent the primary sources of funding while also keeping an eye on cryptocurrency transactions to minimize any potential risks.


In conclusion, the use of cryptocurrency donations by groups like Hamas is a complex issue. While it raises concerns about their financial activities and the challenges faced by government agencies, it’s crucial to remember that crypto funding represents only a fraction of their overall income. 

The primary focus should be on addressing the more substantial issue of state sponsorship. Balancing the need for financial transparency with the privacy features of cryptocurrencies remains a challenge for global regulators and law enforcement agencies.


1. How do cryptocurrencies enable funding for groups like Hamas?

Cryptocurrencies provide a level of privacy and anonymity that makes it challenging for government agencies to track financial transactions. This allows groups like Hamas to receive funds without the same level of scrutiny they would face in traditional financial systems.

2. Is cryptocurrency the primary source of funding for Hamas?

No, cryptocurrency donations are not the primary source of income for Hamas and its affiliated groups. The majority of their funding comes from state sponsors, with Iran being a significant contributor, providing about $100 million annually.

3. What measures are being taken to address the issue of cryptocurrency funding for terrorist organizations?

Government agencies, blockchain analytics firms, and law enforcement are working to track and prevent the illicit use of cryptocurrencies for financing terrorist activities. While it remains a challenge due to the privacy-preserving nature of cryptocurrencies, efforts are ongoing to enhance transparency and compliance within the crypto space.

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