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DGTAL Secures €3M in Strategic Funding to Revolutionize Insurance with AI

DGTAL Secures €3M by web3oclock

In a groundbreaking move, DGTAL, an insurtech company harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), has recently secured €3 million in strategic funding from prominent investors. This significant investment, led by 1750 Ventures, the venture capital arm of German VGH Versicherungen, and supported by other key players like Gossmann & Cie, highlights the immense potential of DGTAL’s innovative approach. But what exactly is DGTAL, and how will this funding help transform the insurance industry?

The Birth of DGTAL

DGTAL was founded in 2021 by Florian Herzog and Arndt Gossmann, two visionary entrepreneurs on a mission to leverage AI in the insurance sector. Their goal was clear: to explore how AI could unlock the value hidden within unstructured data in claims files. What they created was nothing short of revolutionary.

Unlocking the Power of AI

DGTAL’s innovative technology can be used to audit, evaluate, and assess claims portfolios like never before. By applying AI to claims management and settlement processes, DGTAL aims to generate staggering savings of over €100 billion annually for the European insurance industry alone. But how does this work, and why is it so transformative?

A Paradigm Shift in Claims Management

Traditionally, claims management in the insurance industry has been a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Insurers were often overwhelmed by vast amounts of unstructured data within claims files. DGTAL’s AI-powered tools change the game by extracting meaningful insights from this data efficiently.

Imagine a vast ocean of unstructured data. DGTAL’s AI acts as a powerful filter, isolating valuable information, and turning it into actionable intelligence. This newfound efficiency streamlines claims processing, significantly reducing costs, and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Why This Investment Matters?

The €3 million strategic funding secured by DGTAL is a testament to the revolutionary potential of AI in insurance. Here’s why this investment matters:

  • Scaling Up Technology: With this influx of funds, DGTAL can expand and refine its AI-powered tools. This means faster development, improved accuracy, and even more efficient claims processing for insurers.
  • Industry Savings: DGTAL’s technology has the potential to save the European insurance industry over €100 billion annually. This not only benefits insurers but also policyholders who can expect faster claims processing and settlements.
  • Expert Backing: The involvement of key players in the insurance and technology sectors, such as 1750 Ventures and Gossmann & Cie, showcases the industry’s recognition of the transformative power of DGTAL’s technology.
  • Technological Advancement: DGTAL boasts a technological advantage of two years in AI application within the insurance sector. This positions them as leaders in the new era of AI-powered insurance operations.
The Future of Insurance

As Arndt Gossmann, CEO of DGTAL, aptly puts it, “AI will change the way insurance works.” DGTAL aims to be at the forefront of this paradigm shift, enabling an industry-wide transformation. With the support of visionary investors and a dedicated team, DGTAL is poised to revolutionize how insurance operates.


In conclusion, the recent €3 million funding secured by DGTAL represents a significant step towards a future where AI-powered solutions drive efficiency and savings in the insurance industry. DGTAL’s journey exemplifies the limitless possibilities of AI and its potential to reshape traditional sectors. As they continue to innovate and develop their technology, we can expect to see insurance become faster, more cost-effective, and customer-centric than ever before. Keep an eye on DGTAL, as they are undoubtedly a key player in the future of insurance.


1. What is DGTAL’s main focus in the insurance industry?

DGTAL specializes in leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline claims management and settlement processes within the insurance sector. Their AI-powered tools are designed to extract valuable insights from unstructured data in claims files, ultimately leading to significant cost savings for insurers.

2. How much funding did DGTAL recently secure, and who were the primary investors?

DGTAL recently secured €3 million in strategic funding. The main investors behind this funding round included 1750 Ventures, the venture capital arm of German VGH Versicherungen, and liability management firm Gossmann & Cie.

3. What potential impact does DGTAL’s technology have on the insurance industry?

DGTAL’s AI-driven technology has the potential to revolutionize the insurance industry by generating savings of over €100 billion annually in Europe alone. This technology streamlines claims processing, leading to faster settlements, reduced costs, and improved overall customer satisfaction.

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