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Coinbase-Backed Advocacy Group Raises $2M From 80,000

Coinbase-Backed Advocacy Group Raises $2M by web3oclock

Coinbase, a prominent digital assets exchange, has taken an innovative step by launching the Stand With Crypto advocacy group. This nonprofit organization aims to rally crypto enthusiasts across the United States and make their voices heard in the corridors of power. In just a few months, Stand With Crypto has gained tremendous traction, securing $2 million in funding and sending over 16,000 messages to U.S. lawmakers. Let’s dive into this exciting development and explore what it means for the crypto community.

About the Company

Coinbase, known for its user-friendly platform for buying, selling, and holding various cryptocurrencies, has been a key player in the crypto space for years. Founded in 2012, Coinbase has established itself as a trusted and accessible gateway to the world of digital assets. The company’s CEO, Brian Armstrong, has long been an advocate for the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. Recognizing the need for a united front in advocating for crypto, Coinbase launched Stand With Crypto, a nonprofit initiative dedicated to promoting crypto-friendly policies.

The Rise of Stand With Crypto

Stand With Crypto aims to be a “one-stop shop” for crypto advocacy. Their website allows people to easily reach out to policymakers and learn about politicians’ views on cryptocurrencies. In just a short time, over 100,000 individuals have joined this grassroots movement. So far, 80,000 supporters have contributed to Stand With Crypto, collectively providing $2 million in funding. Half of this funding comes from a single donor, Brian Armstrong, demonstrating Coinbase’s commitment to the cause.

About the Funding

The generous funding received by Stand With Crypto serves a critical purpose. It is intended to enhance the organization’s ability to influence policy. The group plans to use artificial intelligence for more effective outreach to lawmakers and to provide information portals that highlight where elected officials stand on crypto-related issues. Additionally, they are gearing up for more in-person events to connect with policymakers directly.


Stand With Crypto is a remarkable example of how the crypto community can come together to shape its own future. By providing a platform for individuals to voice their concerns, this advocacy group bridges the gap between crypto enthusiasts and policymakers. As the cryptocurrency industry faces important legislative decisions, Stand With Crypto’s mission gains even greater significance. It’s a reminder that change often starts at the grassroots level, and in this case, it’s backed by the might of Coinbase.


What is Stand With Crypto’s main goal? 

Stand With Crypto aims to unite and coalesce the crypto grassroots community to advocate for favorable cryptocurrency policies. They provide a platform for individuals to connect with policymakers and learn about their views on cryptocurrencies.

How much funding has Stand With Crypto received, and where does it come from? 

Stand With Crypto has raised $2 million in funding. Half of this funding comes from Brian Armstrong, Coinbase’s CEO, with contributions from 80,000 supporters.

What challenges is the cryptocurrency industry facing in terms of legislation? 

The cryptocurrency industry is currently facing various legislative challenges, including bills related to stablecoin regulation and money-laundering safeguards. These bills are under consideration in the U.S. House of Representatives, and their fate is closely watched by industry stakeholders. Additionally, the crypto industry remains sensitive to any legislative attachments to budget bills and defense spending plans.

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