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London’s Blockchain Payment Platform Orbital Secures £5M in Funding

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In a significant move for the world of fintech, London-based blockchain payments platform Orbital has successfully raised £5 million in an oversubscribed growth round. Led by Golden Record Ventures, this funding will enable Orbital to continue its rapid expansion and innovation in the realm of traditional finance and crypto solutions. Despite the challenges posed by the current crypto bear market, Orbital’s impressive seven-digit monthly revenue growth of over 40% in the last 6 months has caught the attention of investors and the business community alike.

A Game-Changing Milestone for Orbital

Orbital’s recent funding accomplishment marks a pivotal moment in its journey as a leader in blockchain payment solutions. This capital raise comes as the company prepares for its Series A round, signaling its ambition to solidify its position as a dominant player in the ever-evolving fintech landscape. What sets Orbital apart is its unique ability to seamlessly integrate both blockchain and fiat payment rails into a single platform, catering to the needs of modern, global enterprises.

The Visionaries Behind Orbital’s Success

Orbital was founded in 2017 by industry veterans Chris Mason, Luke Wingfield-Digbyn, and Paulius Grigaitis. With their extensive experience in technology, banking, and payments, the trio recognized the untapped potential of combining traditional payment solutions with the emerging world of cryptocurrencies. The outcome is a licensed entity offering a variety of conventional payment and worldwide foreign exchange solutions. Additionally, this entity holds a license for cryptocurrency payments, placing particular emphasis on the practicality of stablecoins in facilitating cross-border transactions.

A Unified Solution for Modern Enterprises

At the heart of Orbital’s offering lies its revolutionary platform that bridges the gap between traditional finance and digital asset treasury solutions. This platform serves as a single access point for businesses to manage a wide array of treasury operations, including multi-currency accounts, foreign exchange, global payments, and digital asset custody. The seamless integration of fiat and crypto business accounts empowers global enterprises to leverage stablecoins, major cryptocurrencies, and traditional currencies within their existing payment processes.

A Positive Impact on the Business Community

Jad Benabdelkhalek, General Partner at Golden Record Ventures, emphasizes the importance of Orbital’s mission to revamp the conventional banking landscape. He notes that the annual volume of B2B payments dwarfs worldwide GDP, yet the mechanisms for cross-border flows are riddled with inefficiencies. Orbital’s technology-driven approach provides a solution tailored specifically for large corporations and enterprises, offering them a compliant, secure, and frictionless experience.

Driving Innovation Even in a Challenging Environment

The timing of Orbital’s funding success amidst a crypto bear market underscores the resilience and innovation of the fintech sector. Orbital’s co-founder and CIO, Luke Wingfield-Digby, highlights the company’s impressive journey from being bootstrapped and profitable since 2017 to raising capital during challenging times. This achievement further solidifies Orbital’s determination to push the boundaries of fintech innovation and bring valuable solutions to the market.

Empowering Businesses Across the Globe

With around 80 clients processing a monthly value of $250 million, Orbital’s influence extends across various industries and geographies. The company’s global reach is supported by its 95-strong team located in offices spread across London, Estonia, Gibraltar, and Manila. Orbital’s offerings not only benefit established multinational corporations but also extend to online merchants who can integrate crypto payments into their own products and services through the company’s APIs.


In conclusion, Orbital’s recent £5 million capital raise is a clear testament to the company’s dedication to transforming the world of payments and finance. By combining traditional payment solutions with crypto capabilities, Orbital is poised to drive innovation and simplify cross-border transactions for enterprises worldwide. As the company gears up for its Series A round, the future looks promising for both Orbital and the broader fintech landscape.


What is Orbital, and why is its recent capital raise significant?

Orbital is a London-based blockchain payments platform that offers traditional finance and crypto solutions for global enterprises. The platform recently raised £5 million in an oversubscribed growth round, led by Golden Record Ventures. This capital raise is significant because it showcases the company’s ability to attract investment even in the challenging crypto bear market. Despite these conditions, Orbital’s remarkable seven-digit monthly revenue growth of over 40% in the last 6 months has been a key driver in its funding success.

How does Orbital’s platform bridge the gap between traditional finance and crypto solutions?

Orbital’s platform is designed to seamlessly integrate both traditional finance and digital asset treasury solutions. It caters to the needs of modern, global enterprises by combining fiat and crypto business accounts. This integration allows businesses to harness the power of stablecoins, major cryptocurrencies, and traditional currencies within their existing payment flows. The platform acts as a unified access point for various treasury operations, including multi-currency accounts, foreign exchange, global payments, and digital asset custody, offering a secure and compliant experience.

What is the long-term vision for Orbital?

Orbital’s long-term vision revolves around revolutionizing the way businesses manage their financial operations. The company aims to continue its rapid growth trajectory by securing additional licenses in new jurisdictions and further developing its product offerings. With an impending Series A round, Orbital is positioned to solidify its status as a frontrunner in the fintech industry. By empowering businesses with a unified platform that combines traditional and crypto payment capabilities, Orbital strives to simplify cross-border transactions and contribute to the broader transformation of the financial landscape.

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