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Bitcoin Traders Grapple with Uncertainty as BTC Price Stalls: Breakout or Dip?

Bitcoin Traders Grapple Uncertainty as BTC Price Stalls by web3oclock

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, has left traders torn between the possibility of a breakout or a dip as its price stalls. Despite casual progress on monthly timeframes, the uncertainty surrounding Bitcoin’s price action has kept everyone guessing. With BTC hovering below $31,000, bulls are eagerly awaiting a catalyst to push the price higher. Some traders remain optimistic, hoping that resistance levels will soon crumble, while others anticipate a potential dip to $28,000. In this blog, we delve into the market dynamics and explore the arguments for both scenarios.

The Sideways Battle 

Bitcoin’s price performance has remained sideways in the face of modest attempts to breach the $31,000 mark. Market participants who believe in an eventual breakout argue that the repeated testing of resistance weakens it, making its eventual breach more likely. This sentiment is supported by a comparative chart that draws parallels between BTC’s current price action and its behavior before the previous all-time highs in December 2017. 

Conversely, there are traders who anticipate a dip to $28,000 before any significant upward movement. They emphasize that unless the resistance zone at $31,000 is overcome, a downward move is plausible. Despite the differing views, consensus is building that BTC/USD may soon reach a top, possibly in the mid-$30,000 range.

A Significant Milestone 

Amidst the ongoing price uncertainty, Bitcoin achieved a notable milestone on monthly timeframes. For the first time since the 2021 all-time highs, BTC/USD closed above an adjusted volume-weighted average price (AVWAP). This development, as highlighted by technical analyst Michael Nauss, signifies a resurgence not witnessed in two years. 

Market observers are urged to lengthen their time preference, as BTC’s price closed above $30,000 even amidst the announcement of the BlackRock ETF application. Despite the current market unease, some analysts view the higher highs and higher lows as signs of a continuing upward trend.


Bitcoin traders find themselves in a state of uncertainty as the price stalls, torn between a potential breakout and a dip. The repeated testing of resistance levels provides hope for a bullish breakout, while others anticipate a downward move if the $31,000 resistance zone remains intact. Consensus suggests that BTC/USD may soon reach a top, possibly in the mid-$30,000 range. Despite the current price indecision, Bitcoin has achieved a significant milestone by closing above the adjusted volume-weighted average price (AVWAP) on monthly timeframes. This accomplishment suggests a resurgence not seen since the 2021 all-time highs. Traders and market observers are advised to consider the longer-term trend and the higher highs and higher lows Bitcoin has exhibited, even amidst the market’s ups and downs.

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