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Beldex Raises $3M From EnFlux

Beldex Raises $3M From EnFlux by Web3 O'clock

Beldex, a pioneer in the privacy-focused blockchain and cryptocurrency sphere, has secured a substantial investment of $3 million from EnFlux, a crypto-financial service company. This newfound partnership marks a significant milestone for Beldex and promises innovative developments in the blockchain landscape. In this article, we’ll delve into the details about Beldex’s latest funding round, its vision, and how this collaboration with EnFlux will contribute to its growth.

About the Companies


Beldex is not just another cryptocurrency platform; it’s a trailblazer that stands for privacy, innovation, and security. Established as a thriving hub in the privacy ecosystem, Beldex is dedicated to revamping industry standards. Its goal is to create a more private and secure digital world through its comprehensive Web3 ecosystem. This ecosystem comprises various cutting-edge tools, such as BChat, BelNet, DVPN, Beldex EVM, Beldex browser, and the Beldex Bridge, each designed to enhance user privacy, security, and digital experience.


EnFlux, on the other hand, is a crypto-financial service company founded in 2022. It was born with a vision of building a trading infrastructure that provides market-making services to small and mid-cap Web3 projects. Their team boasts extensive experience in technology, market making, and hedge funds, driving innovation in the digital asset industry. Their investment in Beldex speaks volumes about their belief in Beldex’s potential to disrupt the existing blockchain infrastructure.

The Funding of $3 Million

EnFlux’s investment of $3 million into Beldex signifies a strategic alliance between the two entities. This partnership extends beyond mere funding; it positions EnFlux as a key advocate and supporter of the Beldex project. Their combined efforts aim to enhance the ecosystem’s participants and expand Beldex’s reach in the blockchain landscape.

The CEO of EnFlux expressed their strategy of seeking out small and mid-scale blockchain projects with the potential to disrupt the existing blockchain infrastructure. Beldex’s adaptability to industry changes, consistent development during market downturns, and establishment of strong partnerships made it a prime choice for investment.

For Beldex, this partnership is seen as mutually beneficial. It provides the company with strategic advice and the necessary resources for the development of decentralized applications (dApps), the integration of the EVM onto the Beldex chain, and research into scaling the network.


In conclusion, Beldex‘s latest funding round from EnFlux opens the door to exciting possibilities in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. With a strong commitment to privacy, innovation, and security, Beldex continues to make waves in the industry, and the investment from EnFlux will undoubtedly accelerate its growth and development.

As they embark on this collaborative journey towards sustainable growth and increased visibility in the blockchain landscape, it’s clear that Beldex is more than just a platform; it’s a force of transformation, reshaping the way we perceive and use blockchain technology. This investment reinforces the idea that in the world of cryptocurrencies, innovation and dedication to user-focused solutions are highly valued.


1. What is Beldex’s core focus in the cryptocurrency world? 

Beldex is dedicated to revolutionizing the blockchain industry by prioritizing user privacy, security, and innovation. Their extensive Web3 ecosystem comprises tools such as BChat, BelNet, DVPN, and more, all designed to enhance user privacy and security in the digital world.

2. What does EnFlux bring to the table in their partnership with Beldex?

EnFlux is not just a financial service company; they provide market-making services to small and mid-cap Web3 projects. In their partnership with Beldex, they offer strategic advice and a financial runway for the development of dApps, integration of the EVM onto the Beldex chain, and research into scaling the network.

3. Why is this collaboration between Beldex and EnFlux significant? 

This partnership signifies a shared commitment to fostering innovation in the blockchain landscape. EnFlux’s investment of $3 million in Beldex is a testament to the potential of the project, and it is expected to drive growth and further development in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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