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Atani Secures $6 Million Funding for its New Crypto Broker

Atani Secures $6 Million Funding by Web3O'clock

Atani, a Spanish crypto FinTech startup, recently made headlines by securing $6 million in funding. This significant investment is set to revolutionize the crypto trading experience for thousands of investors. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at Atani, its recent funding round, and how it aims to simplify the crypto ecosystem.

About Atani

Atani, founded in 2019, is a cryptocurrency broker that offers a convenient and secure platform for over 300,000 investors to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies. With a regulatory license from the Bank of Spain, Atani is recognized as a Virtual Assets Service Provider, allowing it to serve customers from more than 200 countries and facilitate over $1.5 billion in trade volume every month. This regulatory approval equips Atani to provide its exchange services while adhering to stringent safeguards.

Simplifying the Crypto Ecosystem

Before Atani came along, people who traded cryptocurrencies had a hard time because they had to deal with many accounts on different exchanges. This was a slow, frustrating, and complex process. Atani saw this problem and wanted to make things easier for crypto traders, like how traditional stockbrokers make stock trading simple. With Atani’s platform, traders can use one account to access more than 300,000 different tokens on the top crypto exchanges, do detailed market research, and take care of their investments.

Paul Barroso, who co-founded Atani and is its Chief Product Officer, talked about how the crypto world needed a better user experience, similar to what you get with digital stockbrokers. Atani has done a great job filling this gap, making crypto trading easier and more efficient.

About the Funding

Atani recently got $6 million in funding, and Cometa, a venture capital fund from Mexico, was the main investor. They were joined by JME Ventures, Conexo Ventures, and CDTI, as well as a group of experienced business angels who know a lot about Web3. One of the notable investors is Neil Cunha-Gomes, who leads FinTech and Crypto for EMEA at Softbank. This mix of investors shows that a lot of people believe in Atani’s vision and see its potential.


With the recent $6 million in funding, Atani has become a significant player in the crypto industry. This comes at a crucial time as the cryptocurrency market keeps expanding and changing. Atani’s goal of making the crypto world simpler is more important than ever. Their easy-to-use platform is going to give crypto traders and investors the tools they need to make digital assets more accessible and efficient.


What makes Atani different from other crypto brokers? 

Atani distinguishes itself by offering a user-friendly, all-in-one platform where traders can access a wide range of cryptocurrencies from various exchanges. It simplifies the trading experience, making it more akin to traditional stock trading. This convenience sets Atani apart from other crypto brokers.

Is Atani available worldwide? 

Yes, Atani is available to customers from over 200 countries, thanks to its regulatory license as a Virtual Assets Service Provider from the Bank of Spain. This global reach ensures that users from different regions can benefit from its services.

How will Atani use the $6 million in funding? 

The funding is expected to support Atani’s mission to simplify the crypto ecosystem. It will likely be used to enhance their platform, develop new features, and expand their reach. The investment will play a crucial role in realizing Atani’s vision of making crypto trading accessible to a broader audience.

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